Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Club: April

Happy April Book Club everyone! This book club is a special one because it hits while we are on Spring Break. Wahoo! Although Spring Break these days is more sand castles and sunscreen, and less tanning oil and tequila shots.

We wouldn't change a thing, and this kind of Spring Break lends to a lot more reading time. You know because the family that hotels together goes to bed together, and as certified night owls we are very thankful our Kindles shine bright past 8p.m.

Seriously though, we are so glad to have a break and slow things way down. March kind of got away from us. This week we are a little bit all over the place with our plans, but (and that's a huge one) thank goodness the break has allowed us to take school and extra circulars out of the mix.

Now (virtual) cheers everyone, and here we go with this month's Book Club!


I had big intentions this month, but it was a crazy one!  Between PTA responsibilities, sports mom responsibilities, and just trying to keep up with the blog and the house and the kids and the dog...there was little to no time to read.  When I climbed into bed each night I was asleep before I could even think about pulling out my book.  My goal next month...more reading time! 


It's official, Spring sports season has taken over our lives and unfortunately reading while driving is frowned upon. And occasionally we're expected to cheer and sing our praises to our children. So reading has taken a back burner. But I still managed to squeak out three books this month. 

First up was JoJo Moyes' Still Me. I remember reading Me Before You and loving it! I vaguely remember the sequel Me After You and feeling kind of "eh" about it, and then forgot about it.  When I saw Still Me had been released I couldn't wait to see how it all wrapped up. After reading it, I think the first one was still my favorite and then this one would be next. It moved slow at parts for me, and parts were a little predictable, but I loved how it ended and I felt like Louisa's story is finally done. 

The second book I read for the month was The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo. I am so torn on how I feel about this book. It is about Lucy and Gabe who meet and at school in NYC on September 11th. Instantly they have a connection, but the timing isn't right. And this scenario repeats several times throughout the book. They each go their separate ways, but tend to stay in touch. It took me awhile to realize the entire book is almost like a letter written to Gabe from Lucy about their relationship. Without giving up any spoilers, at the end you figure out why. I felt like it was a great book, but the end left me feeling kind of "unfinished" if that makes sense. I hate when there are loose ends I want to know about. But, even weeks later I'm still thinking about it so that's telling enough. :) 

Did you read The Light We Lost? Am I the only one who felt this way? 

After two semi-heavier books I opted for something a little lighter. Someone suggested to me the Wedding Date and it was just what I was looking for. Alexa and Drew end up getting stuck in an elevator of a hotel for a short time, and somehow Alexa agrees to help Drew out and be his last minute date to a wedding he is in. The wedding of his ex. From there the story takes off. Disclaimer: parts of it are a little naughty, but overall it is a funny and light read. The story is adorable and it would make for the perfect vacation read if you are headed out somewhere for Spring Break. 


My mother-in-law gave me a book that my sister-in-law had given her and told me I had to read it.  Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris sort of sounds like a similar story to The Last Mrs. Parish that I loved so much, but my mother-in-law said it was even better!  

I'm so exited to delve into this book because y'all know I love a page turner and those kinds of books that keep me up at night because I just have to know what happens. 


I've got nothing. I've scoured my suggested books in my Kindle and nothing is really jumping out at me.  

Help me out! Have you read anything good lately? I need something to LOVE!


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