Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Painted Rocks

Unless you've been living under a rock (see what I did there :-)), you've probably heard about the painted rock project.  It started as a way to help bring inspiration to others that may need it and has turned into a huge movement that swept across the country. The basic idea is you paint rocks with any sort of design, quote or saying and then "hide" them for others to find.

Simple, right?  Well, just imagine the smile it might bring to someone's face to find a rock with a word of inspiration outside of a doctor's office or for a child to find a cute painted rock on a playground.  The possibilities are endless.  We've found a few painted rocks around town and and it is always such a pleasant surprise that brings a smile to my kids' faces.

Last summer this seemed to be gaining popularity and I kept thinking I wanted to make some painted rocks with my kids.  I kept putting it off, but now we've painted rocks a few different times and the kids love it!

We collected rocks from several different sources.  Some came from our yard, some I bought in a decorative set at the dollar store and some were left over from my in-law's landscaping project.  You can order decorative rocks to use for this kind of project or pick them up from your local landscaping store.

One time I let the kids paint the solid colors first and let them dry before adding their designs.

It took a while for them to get completely dry though, so the next time I spray painted a lot of them to have a solid background before they started. I did find that spray painting them ahead of time was better and less of a mess.

Then we invited some of their friends over for a painting party and they got to work!  I used plastic tablecloths under where they were working to save my furniture and then one time we painted them outside!

We used paint pens because it was easier for them to get the designs they wanted by just drawing on the rocks rather than trying to use a tiny paint brush to do it.

After they dried we stuck them in the car with us and started hiding any place we could think of.  When we went to sports fields, when running errands around town, at the playground, school and park.  The kids loved finding special places for the rocks and hoping that someone would come along and be excited to find their creations.

It was such a simple and easy little project to do, but so much fun.  I know it brought a smile to my kids' faces and we're hoping that whoever found their rocks would be smiling, too!

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