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Mommy Maintenance : EVER Skincare and Make-up

It's been a while since we've written a Mommy Maintenance post, but it's one of those topics that is our favorite to discuss.  All of us mamas need a little "me" time once and a while and doing things for ourselves that help us look and feel better is well deserved for all hard working moms.  

Today we're dishing all about EVER, a skincare and make-up line that is made with good-for-you ingredients, but also has the science to back up it's products.  So not only do they work, but they are made without any of the bad stuff.  We both gave a few of their products and try and couldn't wait to share what we thought!  

What Carrie Beth Tried... 

Some of you might have used EVER's skincare products or at least heard of them before, but did y'all know they now have a make-up line also?  We were so excited to learn this because we are lovers of make-up and beauty products, but want to use products that are not harmful or full of chemicals.  

I tried the Color Quickie set that basically includes an eye and check palette, mascara, and lip gloss.

Our friend, Amy, suggested that the Elegant and Empowered Out The Door palette and then I went with the Rose Nude gloss. I must say, these are colors I never would have chosen for myself because I always tend to go more for the pink blush and lips, but I REALLY love it.

The Out The Door palette does just what the name suggests.  It is made up of eye and check colors that are designed to highlight your natural beauty and get you out the door fast!  It comes with a guide that suggests how to wear the various colors together and how to apply, which I really appreciated and learned something from. I really love how natural it all looks, but I still feel put together and made up.

The Flash power plumping gloss does just that...adds a bit of color and shine to you lips and you an literally feel the plumping action when you apply.  The Whiplash volumizing mascara has been great because it really makes your lashes look longer and thicker, without being clumpy or smearing on my eyelids or under my eyes after a long day.

Last, but not least, I tried a sample of this Daylight Tinted Moisturizer and just placed my order for a full size bottle.  I love that it has SPF and I plan on wearing it as a light foundation all spring and summer.  The best part about it is that it smells AMAZING!!!  

What Jen Tried... 
The last few years I've really tried to pay more attention to my skincare routine, and what I need most to keep my skin in the best shape possible.  I tend to lean towards cleaner all natural products, so when Amy asked if we wanted to try a few things from EVER's line I was so excited to learn more about their popular clean beauty line.

After pouring over EVER's website and information I decided to test out some of their most popular skin care items. Both the Reveal Biomimetic Peel Pads and the Lavish Body Butter have rave reviews!

The purpose of the Reveal pads is to help firm, smooth and re-texturize skin without irritating it. For me this is key! As I (ahem) age, I've noticed my skin is beginning to loose it's elasticity. Anything that is willing to help counterbalance all that damage I did to myself in my 20's (here's looking at you baby oil and tanning beds), I'm in. I've tried a few other products that promise similar results, but let's just say my skin was a little sensitive and those didn't go over too well. 

The pads were named part of Allure's Best of Beauty awards in 2015 and 2016. Between that backing and that they have great reviews for all skin types, I was willing to give it a try. 

I'm so glad that I did! Amy warned me that if I have more sensitive skin to use these lightly and no more than 3 times a week to start. I typically have clear skin with a sightly dryer complexion. I've been using them for about two weeks now, and am loving the results so far. 

I do a quick swipe with one of the pads after I wash my face and then follow up with my night serum and a moisturizer. Even after the first use I've noticed my skin feels firmer and smoother. I tested using the pads on back to back nights, but it definitely made my skin feel a little dryer, so I have continued to use them every other day like Amy suggested and I think that is the perfect balance. 

I'm definitely curious now after giving the Reveal Pads a try - and seeing the great results - what it would be like to do EVER's full Pure Results Regimen. The pads are the second step, but they have a whole coordinating line! 

My biggest skincare complaint is dry skin. In the winter, I'm constantly combatting dry itchy skin between battling the elements and the constant hand washing routine that comes with those germy heightened months. In the summer months, between the chlorine and 1,000,000 SPF I now wear that takes a week to scrape off, my skin also tends to need extra moisture. When I read about EVER's Lavish Body Butter I couldn't wait to try it. 

How has this not been in my life earlier?! Holy moly, I was missing out! Not only does it feel ah-mazing, it smells amazing too! 

The tiniest little bit goes a long way, and my skin has never felt more moisturized. I totally agree with Allure magazine and all the reviewers who rated Lavish a top product. I want to roll in it and soak in it's luxuriousness every single day. 

Lavish is definitely one of my favorite new skin care products, and unless someone else can come up with a better magical moisturizing cream one I think this is one I will now use for life! 

Ways To Save...
We really do feel like these products are priced right for what they are, but if you are like us, you want to try to save money anywhere you can and feel like you're getting a good deal.  There are several ways to save on EVER products so we wanted to be sure to fill you in on the details. 

First off, you should subscribe to save. We know you might be kind of weary of subscribing to something that you have never even used before, but you'll immediately save 10% off your order AND get a 10% credit in your account to use for future purchases.  You can select 30, 45, or 60 days for your reorder and push that back as many times as you would like (or even end up canceling if you don't want to reorder the product).  So, you'll get an email before it is ready to ship and you an push it back another 60 days if you would like and do that as many times as you want. If you subscribe you also get a $30 credit in your account on your birthday month!  

Another way to save is by contacting us!  We have unique links that will save you $10 off of your first order of over $50 or more. That's a pretty big savings if you ask us.  Each link is unique, so simply email us at themagnoliamamas@gmail.com and we will send you a link to save! 

Have more questions about EVER?  Want to learn more?  Our friend, Amy, can help! 

Have you used EVER products before? What are your favorites?! 

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