Monday, April 30, 2018

5 Ways to Stay on Top of Life’s Messy Moments

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Okay, moms we all know there is nothing better than finishing your day and walking into a clean house; or stepping into your car and smelling a fragrant lemon fresh scent instead of eau de two day old baseball cleats. Having our lives clean and orderly just makes us feel good, but the reality is life is full of messy moments. Ones that we have to tackle daily and continuously. Who knew that little people could create such big messes?!

But tackling life’s messy moments just comes with that whole mom job description. As moms we tend to take this into stride, accept it as our grown-up duty, and happily move forward in our wash rinse repeat phase of life. 

At least until it’s time to clean the kid’s bathrooms. Then we just put on a hazmat suit, arm ourselves with the strongest Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes in our arsenal and pray we come out alive. 


Sort of. 

These messy moments could overwhelm us, but as pro-moms we’ve learned a few tips and tricks to keeping our sanity while combating anything thrown our way (and that mysterious puddle on the floor). 

5 Ways to Stay on Top of Life’s Messy Moments 

Don’t Fall Prey to Cleaning ADD - We know it is so easy to get distracted. Between the little people in your house running around, and your email inbox constantly dinging at you from both your phone, wi-fi tv, and your fancy smart watch it’s hard not to. But we find it best to really try to focus on one task at a time. We are total list people. Create a list and start with your first task, and - here’s the key part - stick with that one task before diving into another. If you decide to clean bathrooms (bless you), resist the urge to start organizing that make-up basket under the sink since 2006. Get in and get out, and leave all the “extra” stuff for another time. And you will get a little thrill checking something off your list. 

Make Time for the Small Stuff - Yes, we know all the majors when it comes to cleaning. Vacuuming the living room, folding and putting away the laundry, cleaning the playroom…when it comes to our most lived in areas we knock it out of the park. But make time for those lesser traveled areas too. Maybe not every other day do you need to do a full wipe down of your car, or clean out your guest bathroom linen closet, but incorporating these smaller, less obvious tasks into their own timely routine will save you from being overwhelmed at a later date. 

Just Say No to Clutter - It’s inevitable. You’re a busy family, and with that comes a lot of “stuff”. One minute you have sparkling clean counters, and the next minute you turn around and it looks like a paper bomb exploded and brought contents of your pantry along with it. When stuff piles up it makes life seem messier. Combat clutter as it comes at you. Get rid of junk mail right away. Throw away unnecessary school papers. Donate toys you notice aren’t getting played with. Tackling the clutter as it comes at you is way less an arduous task than when it covers every surface of your house. 

Have Powerful Products on Hand - Listen, when you see what destruction small toddlers can do in a short period of time, you know you need to have some powerful back-up on hand at all times. We make sure to keep powerful multi-purpose products on hand to help us combat any mess that might come our way. 

These new Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers are some of our favorite! We buy them in bulk from Walmart (available in store or online) and store them in multiple places in our homes ready to be used when ever the cleaning call of duty arises. The Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers work great on grease, cleaning up crumbs, and even are strong enough to eliminate those mystery stuck on messes that occur on occasion. 

Not to mention they can work on a multitude of surfaces - stainless steel, finished hardwoods, and even granite counter tops. Having such a powerful disinfecting wipe that is multi talented on hand definitely makes combating life’s messes that much easier. 

Take a Break - One of the most taxing things is knowing that the messes will never stop. That’s life. But it can be overwhelming at times and sometimes you just have to know when to take a break. Take a moment from the clean routine to sit down and do something you love. Give yourself small amounts of time to enjoy your favorite show, read a good book, paint your toenails that new shade of pink you grabbed at Walmart with your new favorite disinfecting wipe, and ignore the mess around you. It will still be there after you are done with a little “me” time, and to be honest, it will probably be something that will occur approximately 4,607,299 more times. So taking a five minute scroll through your social media won’t be a big deal in the grand scheme of life’s messes. That five minute refresh for yourself can do wonders for your mental heath. When you are refreshed and rejuvenated you are way more equipped to be able to tackle all of life’s messy moments. 

To learn more about Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers and how you can stay on top of life’s messy moments click here

How do you stay on top of life’s messy moments? Share with us your tips and tricks! 

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