Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Customized Hair Products? Yes, Please! {Formulate}

We're so excited about launch day of Formulate, a new hair care brand that is about to change the way  we think about our hair.

Their concept makes so much sense and it is crazy to us that it hasn't been thought of before.  The idea is that no one has the same type of hair and their shampoo and conditioner shouldn't be a one size fits all type of thing.  Take as a perfect example.

Jen has super thick, long flowing hair (and has even been complimented on having "pageant hair").  On the other hand, Carrie Beth has hair that is fine, shorter and is always trying to give it a little umph and volume while trying to keep the frizz away.

So when the nice folks at Formulate asked if we wanted to be a Beta tester for this new shampoo and conditioner we jumped the chance!

Just take a look at this quick and fun video that shows exactly how and why Formulate is doing what they are doing...formulating each customized shampoo and conditioner so that they can be the best product for each person.

Because they are limiting production during the launch you will need a unique code to be able to order. We have them so simply sends an email and we will send you one!

And here is the really great news!  We are hosting a giveaway!!!!  One lucky follower will receive a single shipment of their own customized shampoo and conditioner.  Enter HERE and hurry because the giveaway ends in two weeks!  Be sure to click the "enter my giveaway" link on the Formulate page.

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