Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Host a Mom-mosa Bar

A few years ago we used to joke that Spring and Summer were really "shower season". It seemed like every weekend was filled with bridal showers or baby showers. Now that we've gotten a little - ahem - older, our weekends are still filled, but with a different events sprinkled in. PTA lunches, brunches, or sports mom getaways - these months out of the year still are still jam packed with events.

No matter what event life throws our way, there is one thing that has remained constant over time - we love hosting! We think it is so fun to fill our home with guests. To mingle, chat, and make memories makes us happy. We know hosting can be a lot of work, and we've found a few tried and true tricks and recipes that transition well across any event. 

Mimosas being one of them. We love a good mimosa recipe, but have recognize that different guests have different tastes. So, we came up with the idea of creating a mimosa bar, but with a fun twist. With a MOM-mosa bar we take our spread to the next level. Because if there's anything we know about moms, they know how to cocktail. 

We're dishing on all the details about how to host your own Mom-mosa Bar with the ladies over on Savvy Sassy Moms

So check it out, invite some friends over to Mom-mosa and come back to let us know just how much more fun "shower season" is now that you know how to Mom-mosa! 


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