Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Beating the Back-to-School Blues

Yes, it is still July. Yes, it is technically still summer. Yes, our kids go back to school tomorrow. (Insert crying face here.)

Seriously, our summer is SO short and the kids to back to school SO early that it makes all of us feel a little depressed.  Come September when we have a week off we'll all be happy, but I'd trade all of our random weeks off for a nice long summer.  However, school is starting and there is no stopping it. Instead of locking myself up with my kids and never letting them return to school, we are trying to beat the back-to-school blues the best way we know how.

1. New Shoes
We don't do new backpacks each year or even new lunch boxes (you'd be amazed by how well they wash), but every year I let my kids pick out a new pair of shoes for back to school.

It makes them feel like they are getting a fresh start and makes them excited about heading back to school.  Usually they get tennis shoes, and that is what the younger two picked this year.

Little Mama decided that since she was going to Middle School she wanted something a little trendier and picked these distressed leather pink Birkenstocks that look rose gold. I'm obsessed with!

2. Getting Back Packs Ready
So backpacks have been a sore subject in our house this year.  Both of the girls got Pottery Barn Kids backpacks when they started Elementary school and I made sure to have them pick something that was not too babyish and got the large size that would last them for years to come.  These backpacks are awesome! They hold up great. I wash them usually twice a year (over Christmas break and during the summer) and they always look good as new.

The deal has always been that when you got to Middle School you can get a new backpack.  That made one of my girls really happy and the other not so happy.  Little Mama decided on this blush pink North Face one that is super cute.

Blondie decided she wanted to use one we had around the house and asked me to sew a new patch on for it so it would feel new.  She was testing out the different looks at the craft store and ultimately went with being patriotic!

I could have bought her a new one and she could have used her own money to buy a new one, but the deal was Middle School so if I stick to it for one, I must stick to it for the others.

3. Gifts for our Teachers
We always do little gifts for Meet & Greet for the Elementary teachers. I've written an entire post on why we do this and why I think it is important, but I love that it makes the kids excited to go and give their teachers something the first time they meet them and it also adds a little lasting impression on them!

Jen shared a super cute idea for a back-to-school gift yesterday.  So simple, but makes a big impressing on new teachers!

4. First Day of School Outfits
We did a little first day of school shopping with some gift cards the girls had been hanging on to.  Because the Middle School dress code is pretty strict, Little Mama will be wearing jeans most every day.  She loves this style because they fit her tall and lean body type so well and they have some stretch which make them more comfortable.

Blondie is usually my sporty one, but she was excited to go spend some of her gift cards for a new outfit.  She tried on a lot of things, but decided on this cute outfit.

She also wanted to show how versatile the outfit was because she could wear it with our without the jacket! 

 Can you say future fashion blogger in the making?!?

My little guy usually dresses like a skateboarder, so I'm sure that is what he'll be picking out for the first day of school. I've pretty much given up on him, and just decided it is who he is. He spent his gift cards on new sports equipment.

5. A Schedule and a Routine
Lastly, the other big thing I'm doing to beat the back-to-school blues is focusing on the routine, schedule and normalcy that the school year will bring to us.  I've really put a lot of things on the back burner this summer because I have been committed to spending the extra time with my kids.  However, this blog, my exercise routine and my house are just a few things that have lacked attention and time they need.  While I will miss the lazy days of summer, I'm looking forward to focusing my efforts on some of the other things that need my attention. The start of school also means the start of fall sports and while that makes our life pretty crazy, it's a good kind of crazy.  I absolutely love watching my kids do what they love and can't wait for all of that to start back.

So, while I'm not happy about summer coming to an end, I'm trying to look on the bright side, look at the positives, and focus on the good.  Because when my early alarm clock jolt to reality happens tomorrow morning, it isn't going to be pretty!

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