Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

I'm sad to say that the summer is over for us. Those 9 weeks passed by in the blink of an eye and now I'm trying to figure out how I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader.  My girls started back to school yesterday and I'm happy to say that they both had a fantastic first day!

(Side note- if you are wondering why it looks pitch black in the picture that is because they get on the bus at the crack of dawn and it is still dark out!!!  Not a good thing for this night owl mama.)  

I knew they would do great today because I had the pleasure of meeting their teachers at Meet & Greet last week and they both seemed wonderful. Being a former teacher I think I really have a greater appreciation for teachers and I love to spoil them with little gifts throughout the year just to show them how much we do appreciate them.

The first impression we get to make on their teachers is at Meet & Greet so we always like to bring a little something to say we are excited to be in their classes.  I usually put together some sort of basket filled with goodies and so we continued that tradition this year.

In years past I've filled it with everything from nail polish to Clorox wipes and this is what made the baskets this year.

Honestly, there wasn't a ton of thought that went into these items.  I just picked up things here and there.  I bought a pack of pens and highlighters that I split between the 4 teachers and when I was in the Dollar Tree I saw the packs of Advil and thought it would be the perfect addition.  I'd like to think my kids classrooms will be quiet and calm at all times, but the fact is that I'm sure on occasion the kids might give the teachers a headache. I'm hoping the teachers will stick these away in their classroom or in their purse so they will be prepared for that day.

I always get baskets from Dollar Tree.  Seriously, that is the best place to go if you need any sort of plastic container.  They have them all all shapes and sizes. In fact, these came as a set of two, so it was a super deal. I'm sure the teachers can use them for holding something in their classroom, too.

I have the kids write a note telling their teacher how excited they are to begin their class and include that in the basket.  Then I wrap it all up in clear cellophane and tie it with cute ribbon.  Easy-peasy.

So there you have it!  Those were our back to school teacher gifts this year.  As always, the teachers were delighted to be given something, it sets the tone for how we will show appreciation for them throughout the year,  and it puts a smile on their face which is exactly why we do it!

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  1. What a really cute idea! I love it. And I'm so glad they had a great first day back. We'll be in your boat next week!

    1. I'm sure your kiddos will have a great first week back. I'm just so sad that summer is over!

  2. I need a parent like you!!! School starts on Thursday!!!

    1. Would love a teacher like you! :-) Hope you had a great first day back today!


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