Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back-to-School Prep: Get Labeled

As any mom knows, or will learn, back-to-school involves a lot of prep. Over the last few weeks we've discussed a lot of tips and tricks of how we navigate those first weeks of school. Along with filling out 549 sheets of paper, and buying school supplies in bulk, a major part of back-to-school prep is labeling everything. Let me stress here, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. 

Many schools require you to label any item your child would bring to school, but even if they don't it is definitely a smart idea to go ahead and do so. I learned the hard way a few years ago with my son when I didn't send anything labeled and often things would get lost or misplaced in someone else's bag. 

I was so excited to learn that Mabels Labels was included in our latest Scout Box from Savvy Sassy Moms. Not only are they helpful for back-to-school prep, but they are super cute! 

I ordered the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo pack for my daughter. By including a combination of 108 labels, it has everything that you could possibly need for back-to-school labeling. It was hard choosing between all the adorable designs, but with Little Cute's help we chose this adorable apple pattern. 

The combo pack arrived with in just a few days and was packaging perfectly. Everything was organized and I loved that the labels came attached together. Loose sheets have more of a chance to get separated and lost over time, so I love that I can just store these in my desk and pull them out as needed. 

My first order of business is always tackling the lunch box. I usually have The Cute's lunch boxes monogrammed, but I've learned that monogramming the name on the front doesn't always mean it's "labeled". There could be another person in the class with same name, or if lost in the school then multiple people. 

I love the name tags that are included in the Ultimate Combo Pack for that reason. I just add one of the personalized tags to the zipper and then the lunch box is all set and labeled for school. 

Next up I tackle the items that go in the lunchbox. In my experience, lunch time is usually the time when things get swapped around the most. So I try to label everything from cups to sandwich containers. I love the labels that came with the mini custom name tags for this, but I also love the Write Away labels if I need something just quick or need to write additional information (i.e. allergy info, phone number, classroom info, etc.). Both labels are washable and dishwasher safe so perfect to just label once and then be worry-free for the remainder of the year. 

Shoes and clothes are usually my last task. A set always has to go to school with my two in addition to what they are wearing that day. I usually label these items seasonally so that they always have something appropriate in their bags to wear in case they need it. These shoe labels are perfectly sized for any size shoe, and do a great job staying in place even after several wears. 

The tag mates are my go to for clothing. They are tiny and adhere perfectly to either the tag or directly to any article of clothing. They are water proof and machine washable so they last all year long. 

If the outfit ever needs to be used, it's nice to know I can just wash it and then stick it right back into their bag as a back-up without worrying about having to re-label it. 

The ease of Mabel Labels make this daunting back-to-school task a breeze. What more could a mom ask for during the busy back-to-school prep? 

Have your little ones gone back to school yet? Do you have to label items for back-to-school? 

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I received this credit for review as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. All opinions are my own.

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