Monday, August 10, 2015

Share Your Summer: Keepin' Cool

Happy Monday!  We are reaching the end of our Share Your Summer series and have just one more week left after this one.  Today's topic is Keepin' Cool.  Even though my girls have been back in school for a week now, it still feels like summer around here.  I'm talking temperatures in the triple digits.  

Yes, it is seriously that hot.  I can hardly stand to wait at the bus stop for them in the afternoon because there is no shade up there.  But, because I can't just sit inside by the air conditioner vents I'm having to find other ways to help us stay cool during these hot days.  

The first thing I try to do is just avoid the hottest parts of the day. Kind of a no-brainer, but I can't take the mid-day heat and neither can our dog, Walker.  I like to walk him at least once a day and sometimes twice. It's just way to hot to go during the day so I try to get out first thing in the morning or I have to go after dinner.  

We are still trying to swim every chance we get!  Obviously, that is the easiest way to cool off.  We are lucky to have some friends and neighbors with pools and they are kind enough to invite our crew over now and then.  

When we aren't hanging by the pool we're trying to stay very well hydrated.  I send a water bottle with the girls to school each day.  They get to keep water at their desks so they can have it any time, but especially after PE, recess, and other times they go outside.  Fun cups always make water more fun and this summer their very favorites were these mist water bottles.  

It has as sports top to drink out of, but it also has a button to spray a mist of water.  You can spray your face (or a friend) when you need to cool off.  They promised not to abuse the ability to mist and so far it seems to be going well.  These have also been nice outside at soccer and cheer practices.  Highly recommend these cups.  Click HERE to order your own. :-)  

While I drink water most of the day, in the afternoons I like to have a little something different to switch it up.  My new favorites are these IZZE drinks

They are sparkling juice, only 90 calories and they are so yummy!  A friend of mine served them at a birthday party recently and loved it.  I couldn't find them at my grocery store, but Costco had a multi pack of three flavors - Clementine, Apple, and Blackberry.  I can't decide which is my favorite!  You can also order on Amazon HERE.  

While I would like to think that fall temps are right around the corner, truth is it will stay hot here until October, so we're going to keep trying to stay as cool as we can.  I'd love to know any other tricks or tips you have, so be sure to share in the comments!  Also, we hope you will link up with us below!  
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