Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  I'm always happy to see a Friday come around each week, but this one is kind of sad because it is our last Friday of the summer.  Our kids start back to school next week and although there is a small part of each of us that is ready, I would have happy if summer lasted at least a few more weeks. Sharing a quick Friday Favorites today and wishing everyone a great weekend!

We completed our second summer of all-star baseball and it was SO much fun! We love our team and some of those baseball moms have become some of my best friends.  I love, love, love watching my little guy play a sport he loves.

Some people think we are crazy to want to spend our entire summer at the ball fields, but it is really one of my very favorite things about summer!

My favorite pink cut-off shorts were restocked and they are on sale!!!  They are going fast, so if you didn't get to grab them last time, now is your chance!  


They are called high-waisted shorts, but they aren't at all and I got my regular size.  The fit is great and they are so comfortable!  

My next favorites are these awesome snake skin platform sandals.  I had been looking at them online for a while and wasn't sure how the quality and comfort would be, but they far exceeded my expectations.  They are really well made and so comfortable.  I loved the snake skin print, but they come in a bunch of different prints and colors and are so affordable!

Speaking of favorite shoes, this week I took my oldest to do a little back to school shopping and she feel in love with these.  We were actually both going for them she grabbed a pair before I could!  I've passed my love of animal print on to her and I just wish we wore the same size.  These are actually the same brand and my sandals so I found them online, too! I give myself just about a week or two before I'll be twinning with her.  I tried them on and would recommend sizing up 1/2 size.

Cheetah Wedge Sneakers 

Last fall I feel in love with these turquoise studs from James Avery and they immediately became my favorite small earrings to wear.  Somehow I lost one and was SO sad.

I had decided to order some more and noticed that they also come in Navy now!  James Avery was nice enough to send me both pairs and I've been wearing them all summer long.  I love all of their colorful pieces this summer and you can check them all out HERE.

I have a new favorite pair of workout shorts!  I had been searching for a plain black pair and absolutely LOVE these.  They have a thick elastic waistband that is soft and doesn't cut into your sides (such a must for me!).  

They are a great length, have a really flattering tulip hem and the material is really lightweight.  I've been wearing them on repeat!  They come in several colors so I may end up ordering another pair! 

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