Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms {Delegate and Accept Help}

November is here!  The first week always flies by because we are in a post-Halloween hangover and Halloween being on a Monday this year didn't help!  I'm so happy for November though because that means the holidays are just a few short weeks away!  I haven't decorated for Christmas just yet, but as soon as I have a few free hours that is what I plan to do. Until then, we are enjoying all things Thanksgiving and turkey.

A new month means a new post up in the Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms series.  This month I'm talking about delegating and accepting help.  This one isn't easy for me. I'm sort of a control freak who likes things done a certain way. I'm a I'll-just-do-it-myself kind of person because I know it will be done and be done right. However, I've learned that it is literally impossible for moms to to do it all so I've been forced to delegate some tasks and accept help for others. 

Delegating usually comes in the form of me telling my kids things they need to do.  Some call it nagging, I call it building character. In all seriousness though, I'm their mom, not their maid. I expect them to help with certain tasks around the house and time to time there are things I just need them to do.

Asking for and accepting help is a big one! This is almost always in the form of carpool for me because with three kids it is just logistically hard to get everyone where they need to be. Add in a husband that travels for work and it becomes nearly impossible. I had a realization one day though that anytime someone asked me to give their kid a ride I was always happy to help out because I know what it was like when you just don't have another option.  I am ALWAYS willing to say yes if someone asks me for help so I finally started doing the same.  Organizing carpools with teammates and friends has been a lifesaver and really was the only way to make it work if my kids didn't want to start having to missing things.  I always hated asking (and still do), but it really does make life easier on us moms and is the only way when you've got multiple kids going multiple directions. So my biggest piece of advice to you is don't be afraid to ask another mom for help.  Chances are she would love to help and will likely ask you for help in return. A win-win!

That's it for this month. I can't believe only one more month left in 2022!!! 
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