Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's Kick Off Snack

While school was taking a Fall Break last week, so were our extra circulars. Tomorrow marks the restart of our soccer season. I could not be more excited! It is so fun to see Cute and his teammates run around in their tiny shin guards and t-shirt jerseys that are way too big for them. Adorable!

This morning I decided to put together a fun snack for Cute and some of his teammate friends in prep for tomorrow's practice and mini game. 

First I mixed together some of his favorite snacks to make a mix (Chex cereal mix, Goldfish, animal crackers, and pretzels). 

Then I put the mixture in a cellophane treat bag, and stapled it closed with a fun printable I created.

It would probably be a lot cuter to hole punch and attach with ribbon, but I was already committed. 

And, I apparently, need to learn how to staple in a straight line.

Pair this with an ice cold Gatorade and we are all set for tomorrow's game! 

And just for fun, I made some snack tags for some other Fall sports. I plan on adding some for Winter and Spring sports as well, so stay tuned. 

Click here for soccer.
Click here for cheerleading.
Click here for football.

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