Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Powder Room Wallpaper Project

I have been thinking about, pinning pictures, and dreaming of wallpapering my first floor powered rooms for over a year now.  We've been focused on a pool project all year long so I felt like I couldn't spend too much or take away the focus from that, but I finally decided to ask for the wallpaper to be done as my birthday gift (which was at the beginning of November) because I just wanted to make it happen! 

I looked at samples online, read a lot of different reviews and ultimately decided to go with peel and stick wallpaper in case I didn't love it so it wouldn't damage our walls.  I knew I wanted to do a big pattern for one and something a little more toned down for the other, but we started with just one room to make sure we could actually make it look good.  

I kept going back and forth about my pattern, but my eye kept going back to THIS ONE. One thing I learned during all of my looking is that a lot of places have the same products.  All of the wallpaper specific sites have a ton of the same designs as somewhere like Wayfair and even Home Depot. I ended up ordering mine from Home Depot because I figured the returning would be easy if I decided I didn't like it for some reason and you know what, it's a good thing I did.  I totally did the math wrong and ended up ordering DOUBLE what I needed. Taking back the extra was a breeze though because I could just return it to my local store.  

It sat in a closet for a little over a month because we never had a free day to tackle this project, but I really wanted it done before Christmas so last weekend we got started.  I watched some YouTube how-to videos and we just went with it.  

It was certainly a learning process and we got better the further along we went.  I will be honest that it wasn't easy, but totally doable depending on what level of perfectionist you are.  I think doing a regular wall in a normal room would have been a breeze, but going around our pedestal sink, light fixture, and those dang corners made for a few bad words. We probably spent about 9 hours over two days getting it done, but it was 100% worth it to me.  I use "we" very loosely.  Actually, my handy hubby did it all and I was just there for moral support and to hand over tools when needed. 

I can't stop staring at it every time I walk by and I just can't get over how it changed the look of that room.  It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good and with such a busy pattern I think we're really the only ones who will know where the mistakes are unless you are looking for them.

Not 5 minutes after we were done I asked him if he would be up for doing the other power room. He said he needed a minute, but I'm pretty sure I can convince him to get that one done.  Maybe that will be a project for 2022! 

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Last Minute Christmas at Casabella

Any other fellow last minute shoppers out there?! Every time we feel like we've shopped our last gift, another need pops up. With shipping delays a plenty, and crowded big box stores with low stock, we've turned to some of our favorite local shops to help us this year in our gifting needs. Today's post is a shoutout to one of our favorites! 

The team at Casabella in Marietta, GA continually amazes us. Not only is the 12,000sf store packed to the brim with gorgeous home decor, furniture and gift items for everyone on your list, the team is quick to help you with any questions or needs you might have. They helped us put together some amazing gift packages for a few people on our list when our brains were on Christmas overload. 

That last week of school always gets us. 

We've shared Casabella several times, but their showroom is continuously getting replenished and updated with new items. You can go two days in a row and see completely new items available. 

A little birdie also told us that their warehouse is packed to the brim with furniture and home decor items waiting to be displayed. In this day and age of furniture shortages - that's amazing! If you have a need for anything, just ask their design team and they are happy to share inventory!

We thought we would share a sneak peek of what is available in case you too are joining us in the last minute shopping chaos this year. 

Or if you need a little "to me, from me" gift for getting all your holiday-ing done early! 


There is no exaggeration when we say Casabella has a little something for everyone on your list. From the tiniest of tots to the hard to shop for ones who everything - we promise you'll be able to find what you need for everyone who made the nice list this year. 

For the Home Decorator...

For the Home Chef or Entertainer...

For the Cocktail Enthusiast...

For the Sports Lover...

For the Kids...

For the Animal Lover...

Hostess Gifts...


Happy Shopping!

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