Friday, June 28, 2019

Fun Pool Floats for the Whole Family

Happy Friday Friends! This week we are going to change things up a bit for Friday Favorites. We've both been out of town (Carrie Beth just got back from her vacation to Lake Keowee), and were laughing about all the things we have to pack. It's like we are packing our entire house! 

We were both on water based vacations, and since we live at the pool more than half the year, the kids wouldn't let us leave with out their favorite floats. No matter how big they are. Nothing says tropical vacation like an oversized floating pizza.

So we packed all the inflatable things. And our trusty air pumps

We all have a blast on them, and some of them are quite humorous and make for great photo opps. Nothing gives the kids more giggles than Grandpa Magnolia sitting in our giant sparkly tropical llama. 

Here is a look at all of our favorite pool floats! 


This oversized watermelon slice float was a huge hit last year and is still making its fruity appearance to the pool this year!  For less than $20 and it's ability to last two seasons - this is one that tops our favorite list! 

large watermelon float

This pineapple float has seen everything from the pool to the beach to being used as a party photo prop. We've had it a few seasons and it's still going strong! 

Here are some of our other favorite fruity floatable finds...


Who doesn't love a good treat? Even better - one that can be enjoyed in the pool! From ice cream floats to floating rosé bottles - there's a little something for everyone! Give us all the floating treats! 

This popsicle float has been a huge hit with the kids. It's just their size and not so big so that the smaller kids can get on it with out assistance. 

Here are some of our other favorite floating treats...

(and now we're hungry and need a cocktail)

WILD ANIMALS (other than our kids)

Our own little animals seem to like to float with some of their own kind. From sparkly rainbow unicorns to baby sharks (do do do... Sorry. Couldn't resist) and everything in between these are some of the most fun pool floats we've had. Usually because they are larger and multiple people can fit on them. 

We purchased this giant pegasus float for a party and this week it made it to the beach with us. Our kids for some reason only like it to have one wing blown up. My best guess is so that they can jump off of it easier. 

It's been a blast to have and satisfies Cute who wasn't all that into riding on a large unicorn. 

Meet Pinky. Pinky has been around for years. She's survived multiple trips to the lake, pool, and beach. She's taken abuse like no other pool float, but just keeps on flamingling. It will be a sad sad day if Pinky ever has to go to float heaven. 

Pinky was purchased at Target a few years ago, but this year they updated her to a Rose Gold version

Here are a few more wild favorites...


Okay this might be the category that excites the dad's in our crew the most. But the kids think it is hilarious. This year there seem to be a ton of competition style floats. Our kids have been begging for this one...

For less than $20, it's more than worth the entertainment. 

Here are some other fun ones we've seen for a little friendly pool competition. The log one has to be our favorite! 

Do you have a favorite pool float? Or one that your kids love? Share with us because we are always looking to add to our floating arsenal of fun! 

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lake Keowee Getaway

Last week we spent the week at gorgeous Lake Keowee in South Carolina.  We used to have a house on this lake so it felt like old times being back there again.   We love it because it isn't crowded, the water is so clear and pretty, and the views at the northern part of the lake are amazing with the mountains in the background.  

We went with our very good friends who we have been vacationing with for over 10 years.  My friend, K, and I met when we were put together as co-teachers in a First grade classroom.  

We taught together for two years before each having our oldest girls!  Just look at how cute they were getting ready to go out on the boat 12 years ago!!!
And now they are all grown up! 

Our second girls were also born right around the same time and they have all been such great friends ever since.  

They live in Florida so we only see them a couple times a year, but it always feels like we pick up right where we left off!  

We spent the week have so much fun and making so many memories.  We laughed a ton, went on lots of adventures, and relaxed a lot, too!  

We made several visits to the waterfall and the kids climbed up to the top!  

We love hanging out in this area because there is a shallow area for kids to play, the waterfall is obviously gorgeous to look at and there are usually a lot of boats so it makes it a fun atmosphere! 

The kids loved tubing and all of them spent a lot of time wake-boarding this year, too! 

We did a lot of swimming and splashing around!  

We grilled out several nights, but our favorite things to do is get dressed up and head to The Lighthouse by boat.  It's an amazing restaurant you can get to by boat or by car.  So much more fun to go by boat though!  

The food is AMAZING and the kids love the huge grassy lawn right outside.  They have been playing on that lawn since they were toddlers, little kids and now as big kids, too!  How sweet is this picture of them from 5 years ago and then now!  

The week away was just what we all needed to catch up with friends, spend quality time with family, rest and recharge!  We already planned our trip for next year while we were together and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Favorites: Favorite Summer Beauty Products

Happy Friday!!!!  Linking up with Friday Favorites today to share my Favorite Summer Beauty Products!  I'm a beauty product kind of girl. I love trying different things and have always loved make-up, lotions, anything that smells good and will make me look and feel my best.

The other day I started thinking about the fact that there are some products that I use pretty much exclusively in the summer for one reason or another.  Different temperatures call for different kinds of products so thought I would share my favorites with y'all!

1. Ever Daylight Tinted Moisturizer - I started using this tinted moisturizer last summer and just ordered another tube of it.  I really don't like wearing heavy make-up in the summer and this is really sheer and light weight. I use it as a foundation and I love that it has sunscreen in it.  Plus, it smells SO good!!!  I wear the shade light, but it comes in tons of different shades to match any skin tone.

2. Beauty County Stick  Sunscreen - I have shared about this sunscreen before, but I LOVE it. I keep one stashed in my car, in my pool bag, in our baseball bag, and in my daughter's soccer bag. I love it because it goes on clear the stick application means that it's super quick to swipe on our faces.

3. L'Oreal Waterproof Mascara - If I had to choose only one item of makeup to wear for the rest of my life I would pick mascara.  With blonde eyelashes mine are super hard to see unless I have mascara on so I always wear mascara!  Summer means swimming and sweating so I like to use the waterproof version of my favorite mascara so I don't have to worry about it running down my face.

4. Neutrogena Single Make-Up Wipes - I use make-up remover wipes everyday and when I saw these singles I was SO excited. We go to the lake a lot in the summer and have a few other trips planned. I hate having to take a big pack of the makeup wipes so now I can just throw in a few of the singles in my bag. I also keep a few of theses in my car. After sitting outside in the heat all day watching my son play baseball, it's nice to be able to just wipe down my face to feel a little fresher.

5. Neutrogena Spray Self Tanner  Like most everyone, I feel better about the way I look when I look tan.  I have tried a ton of different self-tanners and I always come back to this one.  I like the deep , but it also comes in a medium shade. The spray makes it easy to apply and I feel like you don't really see where you start and stop so it blends really well.  I just stand on a towel in my bathroom so it doesn't get all over the floor or do it in my shower!

What are your favorite summer beauty products?  
I love trying new things so share your favorites in the comments below! 

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

My kids LOVE homemade ice cream. It's such a fun "cooking" activity to do with your kids and the perfect treat for summer.  We're sharing our favorite easy homemade ice cream recipe today over on Savvy Sassy Moms today. Head on over and check it out!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Red, White & Booze with Findlay Rowe {Giveaway!}

Fourth of July is our favorite holiday! We look forward to this All-American celebration each and every year. Some years we go big with a large themed celebration. Other years we go a little more low key floating with friends on the lake.

This year we knew we wanted to do a little something "extra" (because that's how we roll) to celebrate the holiday. And we knew just who we wanted to celebrate it with - the lovely ladies of Findlay Rowe!

From red, white, and blue attire to star spangled home decor we knew Findlay Rowe would have all of our July 4th needs covered.

Findlay Rowe All-American Style 

We love dressing in red, white and blue ALL summer long and wanted some new fun accessories to jazz up our All-American style.


We knew that Findlay Rowe would have lots of options and they did not disappoint.  From earrings and jewelry to fun bags we loved it all! 

We're obsessed with their fun selection of earrings.  SO many super affordable options in every color, but we loved these red, white and blue ones! 

One of our other favorites were these straw bags.  They have them in so many different sizes and shapes and are the perfect addition for every summer outfit! 

Beyond the Red, White, and Blue

We know the fourth tends to be the time of BBQ bashes, family vacations, and special gatherings. One of our favorite things about Findlay Rowe is that you can always find fun and unique gifts - for any kind of event you are going to attend. 

The moment we spotted these Adult Paint By Number Kits we instantly thought they were the coolest gift! By following the ready-to-paint canvas steps and using the coordinating acrylic paints you'll create a beautiful masterpiece! 

Red, White & Booze...for YOU! 

We just couldn't contain ourselves our excitement for the Fourth and decided to do a little something fun for YOU! We teamed up with the ladies of Findlay Rowe to create this "Red, White, and Booze" gift valued at $150 for one lucky reader to win.

One reader will receive this fabulous blue canvas wine tote with leather handles filled with a tall Corksicle Tumbler in Red, a short Corksicle Tumbler in Navy Blue, red bow earrings, a blue beaded bracelet, cocktail napkins, and a sweet little treat.

To enter just leave us a comment letting us know your favorite thing about the Fourth of July!!!  For additional entries, head over to Instagram and Facebook!  

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