Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Must Read Holiday Books for 2022


The holiday season is jam packed with activities, shopping, school parties, work parties, exams, wrapping...

The list goes on and on. 

One thing that helps relax us during this annual season of chaos is getting cozy with a good book, and favorite soft blanket at night while soaking in the light of the twinkling tree(s). 

Who are we trying to kid? That is kind of what we do year round to relax. Just some months involve more pool floats. And fruitier cocktails. 

In terms of genre there are really only two options during the holiday season for us. It's either sleigh or slay. Light romance, or murder and mayhem. Nothing too depressing or weepy. And never ever any non-fiction. 

Our brains can't handle any more real life during the holidays. 

That's what January is for. 

Winter Break officially starts tomorrow and we can't wait to dig into some of the books that have arrived in our mail lately. Here's a peek at what we think will be some of the must read novels of the holiday season. 


A MERRY LITTLE MEET CUTE by Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone
Don't let the cover of this one fool you. It's a spicy meets Hallmark read right from page one. If you're looking to stay warm during the holidays, grab this one to cozy up with!

A murdery twist on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Family holiday dysfunction reaches a new level when distant relatives are invited to the family manor to play the holiday game to end all holiday games - one for the deed of the infamous home. And all its secrets. 

SEASON OF LOVE by Helena Greer
One of the many books taking over #BookTok right now - a fun tree farm filled romcom with a LGBTQ twist. 

A little holiday murder throwback for all you classics lovers out there. This British favorite was first published in 1944, but is making a comeback for 2022. Who doesn't love a fun murder mystery? Especially when it surrounds the quirky uncle who was found dead in the snow on Boxing Day. Wearing a Santa Suit. 

THE LAST PARTY by Claire Mackintosh
What happens when a New Year's Party goes from a celebration to a murder investigation? The NYE party host turns up dead, and everyone in the neighborhood becomes a suspect in this can't put down thriller. 

The fourth novel in the popular Simple Wild Series (don't worry it can be read as a standalone!) focuses on Alaska's favorite rural veterinarian, Marie. Will it finally be her chance at happily ever after? 

WAIT FOR YOU by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Avery is ready for college and ready to escape that one Halloween night that will haunt her forever. Looking to start fresh doesn't always work out, and Avery finds that out the hard way when threatening letters appear on her doorstep. Angst. Romance. Mystery. Put this first in a series on your TBR's this holiday season. 

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Monday, December 19, 2022

How to Make Santa Slime

 It is no secret that kids love slime. That ooey, gooey and, for lack of a better word, slimey pile of fun is the perfect way to keep those little (and sometimes big) hands occupied this holiday season. Create this Santa Slime together, surprise them at their class party, or have it on hand during those long holiday meals that might not otherwise keep little ones attention. This Santa approved activity will keep everyone on the Nice List!

Clear Slime Recipe

To make Santa Slime you can use white or clear slime, but we chose clear slime so our mix-ins would stand out a bit more.

1/2 cup clear craft glue
1/2 teaspoon borax
1 1/2 cups hot water, divided

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine 1/2 cup of glue with 1/2 cup of hot water and mix well.
2. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of borax into your remaining 1 cup of hot water and stir until borax has dissolved.
3. Pour borax water mixture into glue mixture and stir. Ingredients will start to form slime.
4. Continue mixing and kneading with you hands to mix as much of the borax water mixture as possible.
5. Pour out excess water and remove slime from bowl. Continue kneading slime in your hands several minutes.

Note: To get crystal clear slime you will need to let it sit a few days in an airtight container without playing with it.

Santa Slime Mix-Ins

Once you have your basic clear slime created you can add all sorts of fun items to make your Santa Slime. Our favorites are glitter and colored craft pom-poms, but we have also used buttonsbells and sequins, too!

The more you play with your slime the stretcher it will get and all of these mix-ins become a fun sensory experience.

Share Santa Slime

Our kids aren’t the only ones that are slime obsessed…their friends all love it, too! We thought it would be fun to make and package up some Santa Slime for their friends. Storing in an airtight container is key so we used little mason jars. Adding a quick ribbon turns this simple gift into the perfect present!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms {Just Say No}

It's hard for me to believe that we are almost half way through December already and that Christmas is almost here!!!  I've had so much fun with this series each month and I'm excited to share my final post in this Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms series. 

We all know that December is crazy and the magic of the season only happens when us moms are the ones running around like crazy to get things checked off our lists.  We are all super moms when it comes down to it and try to do it all.  It's taken me a long time to accept that I can't do it all. During this busy season more than ever it is important to just say no. You can't be everywhere and do everything for everyone. It just isn't possible and if you do try you will end up driving yourself crazy and become so stressed and flustered that you can't even enjoy the Christmas season.  It's very likely that your schedule and to-do list is still going to be jam packed, but if there is something you can say no to, DO IT!!!  Taking just one thing off of your plate will help. Saying no also helps you prioritize your time and focus on the things that are really important!  

I LOVED receiving this calendar from Happy Everything! this time last year as part of a collaboration.  Just like I shared in my first post of the series back in January, keeping a family calendar is a great way to stay organized and keep everyone on the same page. I loved that this one could easily be changed each month and the attachments make it fun and festive all year long!  As we gear up for the holidays and the New Year, if organization is part of your goals or resolutions, I would check out all of the dry erase collection and seasonal attachments from Happy Everything!. It would make a great to me from me type of gift to yourself! 

That's a wrap on this series. It's been a fun one for 2022 and I hope it's been helpful to some of you! 
You can see all the other posts in this series linked below. :-)


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Monday, December 5, 2022

Tips for Porch Decor During Christmas

Christmas porch decorating is one of our favorite ways to prepare for the holidays. When it is time to start decking the halls most of us think about decorating the insides of our homes. Decorating a Christmas tree and hanging stockings are a must, but often times the outdoor spaces don’t get as much love as the indoors. Most often, the inside of our homes only get seen by a handful of people, but a lot of people see the outside…even if they are just your neighbors driving by. These simple tips will help you to add holiday cheer outdoors and make your porch welcoming to any visitors you might have this holiday season!

Treat outdoor spaces like an extension of your home.

When you start to think of your porches, front stoops and patios like another room in your home you will immediately start to treat them like that. Keeping them neat and tidy, sweeping away leaves and decorating them with accessories just like you would indoors will make your home feel welcoming and will make these spaces feel like part of your home.

Add a cozy factor with pillows and blankets.

The weather is chilly this time of year so there is no better way to make a space feel cozy and inviting than with lots of soft pillows and fluffy blankets to wrap up in.

One of our favorite ways to decorate for any holiday is to switch out throw pillows. It’s such a simple way to add some holiday color!

Don’t forget a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees aren’t just for indoors!  There is nothing more magical than twinkling lights on a tree so think about unexpected places you could add trees. We love smaller trees flanking each side of your front doors, a tabletop tree on your outdoor patio table or even a full sized tree like this one in the corner of your porch.

Mood lighting is a must.

Set the tone and light up your space!  Add lights to an outdoor tree or bushes, a spotlight shining on a front door wreath or candles in luminaries and lanterns (we love these red ones!) will instantly make your home feel warm and inviting.

Finish it off with little details.

Put on the finishing touches by adding little details. Put bows on a wreath or add accessories like a nutcracker or a small basket filled with pinecones and berries. Accessories truly make a difference in making your space feel finished. You add these type of things to a room indoors, so don’t forget to add them outside, too!

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