Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites: All the Winter Things

Hurray for Friday! 

It was a super short week for us due to our "snow storm", and that's just the way I like my weeks. Someone needs to invent the three day week. I could totally be on board with that. 

Linking up for our first Friday Favorites of the year, and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites lately. 

The topic around here earlier in the week was all about the snow storm that hit Atlanta. I use that term "snow storm" loosely because, as Carrie Beth mentioned, it wasn't nearly as much as the weathermen predicted for our area, but it provided for some of my favorite moments of the week. 

We live about 15 miles north of Carrie Beth, and while she only got a dusting, our portion of town at least got an inch or so of icy snow. The Cutes woke up on Saturday morning, and were beyond excited! 

Fortunately, I was all prepared with newly purchased snow gear to battle those frigid temps and blizzard like conditions. 

Snow Gear
Me: Coat, Hat, Gloves 
Little Cute: Coat, Hat, Snow suit

For my little winter baby this was her first official snow. The older Cutes ran around like crazy people the first few moments in the snow, but BC wasn't having it. She was not a fan of the cold weather or snow at all. She was finally cracked a smile when I put two coats on her, put another snow suit on top of this one that I had on hand one size larger, and let my neighbor hold her with a blanket. I needed that picture because it reminded me of this...

{Scene from A Christmas Story}

The Cutes though couldn't get enough  though, and spent hours tubing, making snow angels, and attempting a painful snowball fight. 

I had so much fun with them, and even though it wasn't a whole lot of snow they definitely made the most it!

One of my favorite things about the snow was getting to test out my new boots

I put these boots on my Christmas list, and Mr. Cute surprised me with them under the tree. He made fun of me a little bit for requesting such a cold weather purchase, but let me tell you - best purchase ever!

We played outside for hours, and not once were my feet wet or cold. And they were so so comfy! 

I'm am smitten and have my eye on a few other fun pairs by the same brand...

Snowy days meant snowy nights. 

I had a feeling school would be canceled the first part of the week just due to icy road conditions. I took full advantage of being able to stay up late and have movie nights with The Cutes. We watched a movie every night, but our favorite had to be The Secret Life of Pets

And most mornings we woke up and played in our pjs all. day. long.  

It was SO nice to just let lounge and enjoy playing all day. The Cutes have become OBSESSED with puzzles and spent hours putting them together - whether large or small. Between those and Legos, I never really had to worry about entertainment. Talk about some old school fun for the win!

Because of how chilly it was, I had to bring my exercise routine in, and rely on my trusty treadmill to help me counteract all the comfort food calories I was intaking. About mid-way through the week I decided to download this show to watch while I walked/ran. 

How had I not started watching this earlier?!?

I am a few episodes into This Is Us, but I'm hooked!!!

It is definitely my new favorite, and I can't wait until I can steal a moment away to watch another episode!

When I wasn't crying from both the show and my old lady parts trying to run, lounging in my pjs, frolicking in the snow, or staring at my cute feet, I was playing this song on repeat...

And that wraps up my favorites for the week.

What were some of your favorites for the week?

Now off to kick off another weekend of playing outside, this time to enjoy all the summer time fun. Because this is the South. And it's now 75 degrees again. 

Happy weekend y'all!

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  1. I didn't know you could sled or tube in that little bit of snow! Learn something new every day!!! This Is Us is a slight addiction I have. When it came out in the fall I was like, yeah I'll watch it and hate it. Um no, watched it and was HOOKED! Happy weekend!!

  2. Those boots are awesome, and your kiddos look so cute all bundled up! Stopping by from Friday Favorites, have a great weekend!

  3. Happy to have found your blog on the linkup this week! It seems unusual to find BFF co-bloggers! Trina and I live in Virginia and have a similar story with snow! We were happy to enjoy a few snow days too! Hope you are having a great weekend! -Sara


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