Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Shows We Can't Stop Watching

I'm usually not a television watcher. Until a few months ago, I probably hadn't sat down to watch a non-sporting event show in a year. However, between working out and trying to complete some school projects, I've done a ton of binge watching lately. In between the my nightly activities of running, crunching, lunging, gluing, cutting, taping, and repeat my eyes were at least enjoying some quality entertainment. I managed to get sucked into quite a few shows, and a some that I literally cannot wait until Fall when new seasons start back up again.

I know Summer is just around the corner and a lot of shows are on hiatus, but I figure that's the perfect time to binge watch and catch up on the things. Here are just a few of my favorites - some old and some new:

I love a good brain dump at the end of my day. With the all my waking hours filled with what seems like an endless list of tasks, my brain is full. Sometimes I just want to watch something that takes very little thought. That's where reality TV sets in. 

Now I do love me a good episode of RHONY or The Bachelor, but my favorite reality guilty pleasure is Southern Charm. Cameran's sass, Thomas' drama, and my personal favorite - Patricia. It's just the right mix of reality drama for me. I've expressed my love before for this Charleston treat, but it still remains one of my favorite reality shows. 

Now on occasion I want to take my reality television watching to a somewhat classier level and I turn on everyone's favorite home improvement network. HGTV simultaneously makes my heart feel all the feels while I feel the need to wish for a private island in a European city with a farmhouse that needs to be restored. I love it. 


A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a "new to me" show called Home Town and dare I risk blogger banishment when say I like it a little more than Fixer Upper. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Chip and Joe, but I really enjoy the southern small town love that Home Town shares. Their vibe and style just gets me. Totally a binge worthy show. 

My next favorite show I've mentioned a few times before as well, but if you haven't put it on your radar yet this year - you need to! 

This is Us is hands down one of the best shows I've watched in awhile. From episode one I was sucked into the varying story lines, and by episode three I owned stock in Kleenex. But it is just. so. good! I'm not quite to the end of last season's episodes, but I already can't wait for it to return next Fall. 

I took the plunge last month and signed up for Netflix. I received some excellent feedback and suggestions that persuaded me that this would be a good decision. After browsing through the thousands of options, I took the suggestion of starting The Crown.  

I love it! Earlier in the year I was obsessed with watching Victoria - a dramatized show of Queen Victoria's reign - and The Crown follows her great granddaughter, and current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.  I blew through the first season and can't wait for the next one to start. It is so entertaining and so interesting to learn about the current Queen's early life. There is so much that I've Google'd to see if it was accurate. I'm just so fascinated by royal life and what all goes on behind the scenes. 

Now this one I haven't gotten too far into the series yet, but it is so good! Big Little Lies is one of my favorite Lianne Moriarty books, and anything Reese Witherspoon is in is magic to me (gotta show a fellow southern girl some love!). 

I love the show's take on the book so far. I already am looking forward to snuggling in this weekend one night with a nice healthy glass of wine to catch up on the drama. 

Now what shows have you been watching lately? Anything I need to add to my list? I've heard of so many great ones. Scandal is on my short list (yes, I am that far behind on life), but what else should I binge watch?

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