Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Montana Ranch Trip {Part 1}

Last week the Mr. and I got to go on an amazing trip to a Ranch in Montana.  It was seriously one of the coolest trips we have ever been in.  We've actually been to this ranch a few times before, but always during the winter so being there in the summer was a completely different (and better in my opinion) experience. Anyone remember the show Hey Dude?  It was one of my favorites growing up and being at this ranch during the summer totally reminded me of that show. 

We were greeted by some of the ranch workers on horseback as we arrived. It was the perfect way to set the tone for what we could expect the rest of the week! 

It is a working ranch and is 18,000 acres in size. It's absolutely gorgeous and it seems as if there is nothing around for miles and miles.  Totally different than where we live.  

The little town that is set up in the center of the ranch is just like stepping back into the Wild West days.  It has buildings that are original to that time period that have been moved to the ranch and many serve purposes such as meet rooms, guest rooms, a saloon, etc. Everything is authentic though and so much fun to look at.  

We were staying in a little cabin building and everything, down to the details in the bathroom, is well thought out! 

After getting settled in we made our way over to the General Store where we picked some boots and cowboy hats.  Everyone there was decked out in western attire and it was so much fun having theme wear! 

We couldn't get enough of the hats! 

We spent the rest of the day exploring a little, taking in the sights, and just enjoying a simpler and slower pace of life for a change.  

The next day we started our activities and I would explain that the ranch is like camp for adults.  There were numerous activities we could choose from and I had really hoped to try some new things I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to do.  

First up was clay shooting. We had amazing instructors that went step by step with us.  They taught us about the mechanics of the shotgun, what to look for when the clays were pulled and how to point and shoot.  I had beginners luck because I hit every single one of my first 10 shots or so!  

The Mr. had a blast also and he was like an old pro.  He even won the little competition we had going on with our group and got the special clay as a souvenir trophy to take home! 

After a quick lunch we were off on our next adventure of riding ATVs.  Now this is something I could have done without, but it as still a fun way to see a lot of landscape on the ranch.  

We were each in our own ATV with a guide who helped give us tips and steer us in the right direction.  We got to drive part of the time (and I was super slow during my time driving) but then the guides jumped behind the wheel and showed us what these vehicles could really do.  

This was how I felt about that! 

We were dusty and dirty after that ride so it was nice to clean up and enjoy a fun happy hour and amazing dinner that evening.  

I got to try the Huck Margarita everyone kept raving about and it was totally as good as I had imagined.  When we had arrived at the airport in Montana I kept seeing signs for Huckleberry Slushies (still regretting not getting one of those), Huckleberry Jam, etc.  I asked our bartender and apparently the Huckleberry is native to the northwestern United States and found many states in this region, including Montana.  It's like a cousin to a blueberry and we had lots of Huckleberry foods (yummy ice cream and more!) on this trip.  However, this Huckleberry Margarita was, by far, my favorite! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of our trip!

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