Thursday, March 1, 2018

Book Club: March

Happy March friends! Today we are celebrating two things: 

1: The beginning of March, which means SPRING! Oh we are so hoping for sunny skies, warm weather, blooming flowers, and flip flops!

2: Book club day! We had a super busy February, but managed to sneak in some reading here and there, and can't wait to share!  


Carrie Beth
I had a plane ride to Colorado last week so that allowed me to read The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine.  Jen had suggested this book to me and then I also read another review of it and decided it was the kind of book I would like.  It sucked me in, kept me turing the pages, and dying to know how it ended.  
While I loved this book, it definitely threw me for a loop about half way through when the author started telling the story from another character's point of view.  Some of it was so hard for me to read I almost had to stop and put it down and books don't usually get to me like that.  However, I was constantly reminded the entire time that you just never know who someone really is or what might be going on behind closed doors when you think everything looks so normal and perfect from the outside.  I would definitely recommend this book and it is one that I still find myself thinking about the characters and story at any random time in my day.

After such a thrilling and sometimes dark book I needed something light and happy. I started reading Melanie Shankle's Church of the Small Things that Jen gave me for my birthday back in November!

I love her personal stories and how she weaves important messages into her story telling that makes you both laugh and cry.  She is so witty and has a way of writing that just makes you think you are having a conversation with your best friend.

If you haven't read her other books I REALLY recommend them. I first read her book on motherhood, Sparkly Green Earrings, as a new-ish mom and could complete relate to it.

Her book on marriage, The Antelope in the Living Room, made me complete laugh out loud the entire time and nod my head in agreement.  

And her book on friendship, Nobody's Cuter Than You, made me thankful I have such a great best friend.

In all of her books she tells personal stories that relate to a bigger message and they all just make you feel good!

January was full of so many great books, I knew it was going to be tough to top it, but February still had a few good ones to offer. The first part of the month seemed to fly by with little reading time, but then right smack in the middle of the month was a trip to our cabins and a Winter Break vacation with 16+ hours in the car to catch up on my reading. 

First up, I read The Secret Life of Violet Grant. I've heard so many great things about this book, and loved reading A Hundred Summers last year, but for some reason this book has been in my "to read" pile for almost a year. I think it's because it was a physical book instead of on my Kindle. I love reading physical books, but it's so much easier to grab the Kindle out of my bag or off my bedside table and just read, even if just for a few minutes. 

The Secret Life of Violet Grant follows Vivian Schuyler, a journalist in the 1960's from a wealthy New York family who is trying to make a go of her career. Things aren't looking too bright until a mysterious suitcase lands on her doorstep from an estranged family member. Throw in some fun humor, an unfortunate love triangle, and some interesting historical fiction and you have another great book from Beatriz Williams. The book goes back and forth between Vivian and Violets stories, and you get a little piece of the mystery solved as each chapter turns. I enjoyed the book and loved how it ended. I couldn't wait to read more about Vivian's family and was excited to learn there were two sequels featuring each of her sisters, Tiny Little Thing and Along the Infinite Sea

I love when I can find a series! I downloaded these for my trip and read them just as fast. I think Tiny Little Thing was my favorite out of all three, and Along the Infinite Sea was the most difficult for me. Tiny Little Thing reminded me a little bit of JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy, but with a twist (maybe a happier one?).  I liked the story of Along the Infinite Sea, but it just didn't grab me as much as the first two. You can read each of these as stand alone or all together. They all blend together and have crossing characters, but each story is unique. 

After Along the Infinite Sea, I left the Schuyler sisters behind and downloaded the latest book from Sophie Kinsella, Surprise Me

I love Sophie Kinsella books, so I was excited to see something new pop up in my Kindle's suggested feed. The story follows Sylvie and Dan just after their ten year anniversary. They learn they could be together another 68 years and a little bit of panic sets in. They want to keep their marriage fresh and fun so they come up with "Project Surprise Me". From surprise dates to surprise photo shoots, they try everything. Then Sylvie gets a surprise she wasn't expecting, and the project isn't as much fun. Surprise Me is just like all of Kinsella's other novels - a little quirky, a lot funny, and little real life message mixed in. I liked the book (and loved the ending), but not as much as some of her previous novels. With Spring Break on the horizon and warmer weather just around the corner, this would make for the perfect light, easy beach read! 


Carrie Beth
Because I almost always follow in Jen's footsteps when it comes to reading, I am going to read one of her other favorites from our February Book Club, Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

First up for me in March is Still Me by Jojo Moyes. 

I love love loved Me Before You when I read it a few years ago. I remember telling all my girlfriends to read it immediately so we could all talk about it. I was so excited to read the sequel Me After You when it came out because I just wanted more of the story. Now Moyes released a third book in the series, and I can't wait to dig into Still Me!

What are you currently reading? Have any favorites from the month that we must read? Anything we should add to our reading piles for March? We always need some great suggestions so please share with us!  


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