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Book Club: April

Happy April! It's April Fool's Day, and somehow it all feels like since March we've been trapped in a joke. These are such crazy times to be living in, and each day we wake up it seems almost surreal.

Considering in early March our schedules became wide open, time for reading increased dramatically. For everyone.

Last week our kids chatted about their favorite books. But today is all about books for the mamas because it's Book Club day!

If you aren't a big reader that's okay. You can still chat. We all might need to sit down and hash out the phenomenon/train wreck that is Tiger King. It might require far more drinks though...


Before we got stuck at home because of this crazy Coronavirus I was still running kids here, there and everywhere so I had time to listen to one book.  After that...nothing. No time to listen and no time to read or maybe it was just that I have no motivation? Honestly, I think it is because I have very little "me" time these days. I know things will get back to normal, but I know it will take a while. The one book I actually did finish last month was Jessica Simpson's memoir, Open Book

I LOVED Jessica Simpson at the beginning of her career and loved her on Newlyweds.  I used to tell my hairdresser I wanted to be "Jessica Simpson blonde" and thought she was just so pretty!  

She was SO honest in her book. I loved hearing about her childhood, her family, how she got started in showbiz and the crazy rollercoaster ride that followed.  I knew she was a religious person, but I didn't realize how much her faith played a big role in her life. She had a lot of high moments, but a lot of really low ones, too.  She was brutally honest with the stories in her book and it honestly made me love her even more.  If you have ever been a fan or just want a peek inside what the music business is like, this is a great one to read.  I loved listening to this one because it was narrated by Jessica Simpson herself! 


Well, sit down and grab and extra glass of wine/coffee/tequila whatever is keeping you afloat these days. In March if I wasn't helping the kids with their school work, packing for our move, or virtually trying to put together a home, I was reading. 

I really enjoyed everything I read this month! Which hasn't happened in awhile. So here we go...

First up was Colleen Oakley's You Were There Too. This was on my "suggested list" on Kindle so I downloaded it through Audible. This book was a little unbelievable in its premise, but I loved how it was different than anything else I have read before. It might be one of my favorite of the year so far. The story follows Mia who seemingly has the perfect life - perfect house, perfect husband, etc. Even her dreams are perfect. She has incredible dreams about a mystery man. They've been happening since college. Then one day she meets him in person. And here's catch - he dreams of her too! I don't want to give too much of it away, but this book has a little bit of everything - infertility issues, a love story, depression, domestic abuse, more love story, and an ending that both gives you closure, yet wanting more. 

(I would give this a light rated R for some of the content...or at least a trigger warning.)

Next up is Mr. Nobody by Catherine Steadman. I remember reading Something in the Water a few years ago and enjoying it. So when I saw a new book came out by the same author I gave it a whirl. I feel like she writes psychological thrillers how I like them - a little light on the psycho and thriller sides. Although the antagonist is this one is pretty psycho once you figure out who it is. I tried to listen to this via Audible, but had to finish it by reading it. It's read by the author, but the voice she used was putting me off. The book follows the relationship between a neuropsychologist named Emma and a patient she's been asked to work with that was found washed up on a beach with no memory. There were some parts of this story that I didn't think fit with the rest of the book, and there's a ton of build-up to kind of a weak ending. But still a story that kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to figure it out. Give it a read over listening to it! 

Okay the next up - let me introduce you to Camille Pagán. I stumbled upon her while searching books on my Kindle and after reading the first book I was hooked. And thanks to the Coronavirus  quarantine we've all found ourselves in, I was able to read three of her books back to back. I like that she writes with a mix of funny, chic lit and emotion all wrapped up in one great story. It was just what my brain needed during these crazy times. 

I was introduced to her in Life and Other Near Death Experiences. The main character finds out a secret her husband has been harboring for their entire marriage on the same day she gets bad news from her doctor. She decides to handle both pieces of information by jumping on the nearest plane to a tropical location. Insert a romance, humor, a happy ending, and you have the perfect pandemic read. 

It was quick, and easy so I  moved onto This Won't End Well. This follows the story of Annie, a chemist who just learns what happens when the head of the company sexually harasses you. At the same time her fiancé calls from the airport to let her know he is leaving for Paris for one month to think about some things and to not contact him for a month. This one throws in the same humor, a funny set of neighbors, a private investigator, and another happy ending. You get where this is going yet? Fun and easy! 

Last for the month was I'm Fine and Neither Are You. This one switches gears a little bit. The story is covers motherhood, friendship, and marriage. It is a little more heavy than the previous two books  I read (but still keeps it on the lighter side), and touches on some deeper topics, but still follows along with the same style of writing. There's a nod to bloggers in this novel, and while you go through a plethora of emotions the ending will make you smile. 

Overall I enjoyed all three reads, and look forward to reading more by Camille Pagán

(Note: I signed up for a Kindle Unlimited membership.  If you are a reader, and have the Kindle app or a Kindle device, it might be worth looking into during the quarantine. There are tons of books on there (like the ones I read by Pagán) for adults and kids. You can also listen to all the books for free too. There are also a ton of great popular magazines included for free. First 30 days are free, and then it is $9.99 afterwards if you aren't a prime member. You can cancel anytime. Worth a look into to save money on reading if you or your family is burning through books right now. )



I downloaded The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward a few weeks ago and have yet to start it.  Maybe this is the week?!?!  I always like the Reese's Book Club picks so hoping to get to this one soon. 

I've already got my first book ready to go. It came highly recommended so I can't wait to dig in. It's In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. 

What have you been reading lately? We need some great suggestions to get us through the quarantine! 

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