Monday, February 16, 2015

My Little Valentine's

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's weekend and spent time with their loved ones! The weekend kicked off our week long Winter Break, and I couldn't be more excited. A whole week without a schedule and some snuggling by the warm fire with the family...fabulous! 

A few weeks ago, I saw that the Ringling Brother's  and Barnum & Bailey Circus was coming into town over Valentine's weekend, and I immediately purchased tickets for our little family.  

I remember loving going when I was a little girl, and thought it might be a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day together with The Cutes. 

Saturday morning everyone was bouncing off the walls with excitement, and luckily we purchased tickets for the 11:00a.m. show because I am not sure the littles could have handled the anticipation much longer. 

Making it to the show was definitely a feat though. Just as we were about to turn onto the highway though we heard suspicious noises coming from the backseat from Little Cute's direction. We pulled over and then poor thing gets sick everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. 

We turn the car around and headed home for a clean up and a quick change. We determined by her demeanor that it was just something random and headed back on our journey. 

We knew we were a little pressed for time, but we had built plenty of wiggle room in originally so we were still hopeful we would arrive right on time for the show. 

Then we hit the city of Atlanta. A city infamous for the worst traffic ever. Even on a Saturday. We missed the memo that there was a major cheerleading competition, The Voice auditions, and an all day rap concert occurring all at the same time in this end of the city. Oops. 

We sprinted from the parking lot to the gate (thank goodness for all that running training), and luckily saw that we weren't the only ones to arrive thirty minutes late. 

We arrived in our seats just in time to catch a few fun acts and the infamous elephants. The Cutes, not really knowing what the circus was previously were now beside themselves with excitement. It made the  crazy journey to get there more than worth it to see their huge smiles. 

Blurry pic of us finally making it, but it's the only pic of all four of us. 

The intermission began shortly after we arrived, but even then The Cutes wouldn't take their eyes off the stage. Clowns were entertaining everyone while the rest of the cast and crew took a break and they even loved this part. 

Once the intermission ended, it was non-stop entertainment. One act after another was so fun, and filled with all sorts of unique performances and animals!

Little Cute surprised us. She loved everything and clapped non-stop even during the performances. Being so young we thought it would lose her attention, but she ate it up.

I think my favorite part was the trapeze act. They were so high up and didn't miss a beat. I would be so nervous!

Cute informed me his favorite by far was the clowns. He could not stop laughing about them.

All weekend he told everyone he saw the clowns and they were funny because they chased after the sandwich. Now, I saw a lot of memorable things during the show, but a sandwich was not one of them. But he assures us there was a sandwich chasing clown, and that it was, in fact, quite hilarious. 

Before we knew it the show was over. As a family we had so much fun. As parents we loved that we got to experience something new with our little valentine's, and see the joy on their sweet faces. 

It was a great day and we already can't wait until the next time the circus rolls into town. And next time we will be prepared with ponchos, back up outfits, and leave four hours early to combat Atlanta traffic. 

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