Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wild Kratts Live

Happy Wednesday everyone! The week is flying by, and the weekend can be seen on the distant horizon...wahoo! This upcoming weekend is going to be boring compared to last weekend, but boring in a totally good way. Everyone needs one of those now and again right? 

Last weekend we had a blast with a flurry of activities that ended with a fabulous Super Bowl party. I am still recovering. My favorite part of the weekend though had nothing to do with celebrating the culinary feast/commercial extravaganza/Patriot awesomeness of Sunday's affair. 

Although let's do take a brief pause and bask in the glorious memory...

It's hard to top that, but no, my favorite moment was taking Cute to see his favorite television personalities live in person. His excitement has no comparison. 

Wild Kratts is Cute's favorite show ever. He would watch the Wild Kratts all day if we would let him,    and we have probably seen each episode about 500 times. 

For those of you that haven't heard about Wild Kratts, it's a show about two brothers who travel the world and learn about a new animal in each episode. They have a talented team of friends who travel along with them and help immerse the Kratt brothers into the animals environment by becoming one of the animals themselves with special "creature power suits". The show is fun, educational and I think Cute knows enough about animals that I should loan him out to the zoo as a hired guide. 

We gave him tickets to Wild Kratts Live as one of his birthday gifts, and when we finally arrived at the arena he was beside himself with excitement. He literally was bouncing off the walls that he was going to get to see Chris and Martin "real". 
Tough guy face. 

"Look Mommy...I'm a Wildebeast!". 
We weren't sure how the live version of the show would be, with the show itself being largely cartoon format and knowing they wouldn't have live animals during the performance, but it was excellent. 

The stage had a large screen and they did a very similar format to their television show. They had some cartoon features, but largely they spoke about animals and then used their creature power suits to transform into different animals on stage and perform special tasks. 

The show was also quite interactive and asked the kids in the audience to respond to questions and do certain tasks. Perfect for the younger age group whose wiggles over come them after short periods of time. 

There was a brief intermission about half way through, and then afterwards the Kratt brothers took us on an around the world mission to find an important tool that their arch nemesis, Zach, hid in one of his robots.

Cute loved this part of the show, and was excited to see it included one of his favorite orangutan.

Before we left we treated Cute to a few of the souvenirs they had in the lobby. Trust me when I say they put the souvenir stand front and center, and Cute was not about to forget all the goodies he saw. The Creature Power suits were the number one thing everyone was going for, but Cute surprised us by picking out a Creature Pod and an underwater set. Everything seemed reasonably priced as well, which made us happy (for a sneak peek on items available, click HERE). 

We had a blast, and if your little one loves the show as much as Cute does, I would highly recommend taking them to see Wild Kratts Live. To see a show schedule and to purchase tickets visit here.  

Happy rest of your hump day everyone!

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