Monday, May 11, 2015

A Sweet Mother's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mother's Day is always a special day for me. Not because my family does anything over the top to celebrate, but because is a sweet reminder to me that I was blessed to be these two little people's mommy. An opportunity for a short period in my life that I didn't think would ever happen, and an opportunity that a lot of women wish they could experience. I am so thankful everyday that The Cutes are in my life. 

On Mother's Day we woke up without any specific plan, and I wanted to do a little fun with my family to enjoy the gorgeous summer-like weather we have been having. We brainstormed a few ideas over breakfast and decided to head up to Blue Ridge, GA to revisit one of our fall favorites, Mercier Orchards. They have strawberries currently in season, and the idea of restocking on some of those delicious baked goods had my mouth watering. 

We loaded up the car and made our way up the highway, and once we arrived I took in a nice deep breath. Ahhh....there it was! That magnificent aroma of fresh air and scrumptious apple cinnamon donuts. It was going to be a great day!

We made our way into the main building and purchased our baskets for the u-pick. Then we had a short wait for the tractor to take us to the strawberry fields, where Cute was kind enough to put on a little show for all the other waiting patrons. Apparently the strawberry basket we were provided was means for artistic inspiration.  

The tractor ride was a huge highlight for The Cutes. We rode for about five minutes or so, and they were in complete awe. I am guessing they didn't recall this part from our fall visit. The ride gives you a small view of the orchard and it is beautiful! We turned a corner and saw the strawberry fields and they weren't lying when they said they had A LOT of strawberries. 

Immediately everyone was excited about this little adventure and The Cutes didn't waste anytime taste testing the varieties of strawberries Mercier's had to offer.  

One of the employees instructed us on how to pick the strawberries. He informed us that the strawberries came in late this year, but when they arrived they came in huge and plenty. He also informed us to look for the ones with a white tip and to leave those to grow for a little longer. 

He wasn't lying...there were a TON of strawberries. The Cutes took their job quite seriously. Well Little Cute took her job of eating quite seriously, and Cute took his job of filling his basket quite seriously. I loved seeing them frolic amongst the strawberry field together. It almost made me wish we owned a farm. Almost. 

I think Mr. Cute and I had just as much fun as the kids. We did our fair share of taste testing and Mr. Cute picked strawberries like no other. Before I knew it our baskets were starting to fill. 

And surely Little Cute's belly would pop if she kept up this pace. As quick as we could put them in a basket, she could eat them. 

It was great fun, and after about an hour we had three huge baskets full of strawberries.

We made our way back to the main area via tractor with our full baskets and one would think full bellies, but no. We couldn't visit Mercier's without eating in their yummy restaurant, and stocking up on some of those baked goods. You think we would pass that opportunity up?

Once you were able to officially roll us out of there, we piled back up into the car and satisfyingly made our way home. I spent the rest of the day enjoying my little family and my two sweet blessings and then we celebrated my mom with a fun cookout at my house. The kids stayed up way too late and ate even more strawberries than one would think was humanly possible, but I couldn't bear to let the day end. It was definitely one of the sweetest Mother's Days ever!

How did you and your family celebrate Mother's Day? 

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