Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sharing Sunday: Starting Your Own Business

Happy Sunday! Today we are mixing it up with a guest post from the talented ladies at Dean & Grace for Sharing Sunday. Sara and Whitney are best friends who, over a cup of coffee, decided to finally bring an idea of theirs to life. Sound familiar? Well...substitute coffee for wine, and then does it sound familiar?

Now their idea has blossomed into the successful text message shopping experience, Dean & Grace. Sara and Whitney are stay at home moms turned entrepreneurs, and are great supporters of other women and business. Have you ever had a great idea and thought, "I should totally make that/ start that/sell that?" Today these fabulous ladies have decided to share a little bit of that insight with you.

So... Whitney and I have decided we are going to try to blog more about the business. Not just our sales, or the amazing products and vendors we work with, or how to join (uh hmm... text JOINDG to 76000 :)... but also about the business side.

A lot of women want to start their own business. The resources out there seem hidden. Each time Whitney and I have come to a crossroads in this business, we would have loved a nice manual to let us know the best next step. Of course, such a manual is impossible, and that is not what we are trying to create. However, we hope to provide ideas, suggestions, and most importantly....ENCOURAGEMENT to other women on the same journey as us. We hope our Business Blogs serve as quick, easy references to answer a variety of business start up and business growth questions. We have made a TON of mistakes!!!! So why not learn from ours!! :) 

Today I'm going to talk about getting started. Seems easy enough, right? But there is SO much that goes into starting a business such as legal, marketing, finances, (all future blog posts) that getting started can be the hardest part. Everyone told me "If you have a good idea, you can start a business..." But that's not all it takes. Mostly, it takes GUTS. Getting started takes a lot of effort... and a lot of courage.

Some people will think your business idea is great. Others will think it is the most ridiculous and stupid concept they have ever heard about. (Don't try to change their mind!) Your goal is not to prove anyone wrong... but to prove yourself right.

Here are my 5 best tips for Starting your Business:

1. Create an Idea you LOVE:
Your business will be really hard. So you better love the idea, or you won't make it very far. Am I obssessed with text messaging? No. Am I obsessed with shopping? No. But I do love our concept and I BELIEVE in it. I believe in using technology to make lives easier. I believe in text shopping because it leaves more time for things that are more important. Love your idea or you will be miserable managing a business.

2. Find a PARTNER:
Can you do it alone? Yes! And good for you! But if you are asking for my BEST tips, it is to find a partner. There would be no Dean & Grace without the two of us. I am 100% sure of that. "If you want to go fast, go alone.. if you want to go far, go together."

Talk to your spouse. Talk to your kids. Talk to your nanny, babysitter, grandparents, or whoever may even in the smallest way be effected by your new business. If your spouse does not support you, your business will fail. There are just too many sacrifices and struggles for it to be otherwise.

"Oh my gosh! I need a website, and business cards, and 10,000 Facebook followers, and...and...and..." Do not allow all of this to paralyze you from getting started. Take it one step at a time. Come up with a business name. Next step... sign up for some free social media accounts. Next step..... and so on and so forth... until before you know it, your to do list seems less overwhelming.

5. Don't get IN OVER YOUR HEAD:
Remember I said you could learn from our mistakes? We spent way too much money getting started. Nothing that fortunately killed our personal finances or killed the business, but getting carried away at the beginning is natural. Don't do it. Don't buy social media followers. Don't buy fancy advertising. Don't buy a truckload of merchandise. Only buy what you need. Use free whenever you can... until you can justify the opposite.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Sara and Whitney a little bit better. You can find more tips, as well as view our guest post today on their blog by clicking HERE

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone! 
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