Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet Me at the Barre

A few months ago, I became bored in my workout routine. What little routine I was able to squeeze in during busy days. I knew I needed something new to try and to force me to take a little time for myself. Carrie Beth and I had both heard great things about barre classes so on a whim I decided to join a friend one week during hers. 

While nothing like what I expected (I was thinking I was going to be able to use my old ballerina know, because they would come back to me magically after more than 15 years), I definitely was hooked. Don't get me wrong, that first workout was humbling, but I had found something new to slip into my tired routine, it worked muscles I didn't know existed, and began seeing toning right away. 

And if that isn't good enough, they play wicked awesome music. :)

To read a little more about barre classes, check out our guest post today for The Avenue

Click HERE for the hop. 

Have you tried a barre class or a new workout routine lately?
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  1. Oh my! Barre was sooo much harder than I thought. I' had always wanted to do it, so tried it once. WOW! And I was crazy sore afterwards. I wish the studio was closer to my house, I'd take it more often.

    1. Cory - it was so different than I originally thought but I love it. I told everyone I hurt in all the right places. ;)


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