Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Introducing 3.0

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of love, sleep deprivation, and laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Now that I officially have adjusted to walking around in a semi-comatose caffeine free state I thought I would finally introduce you to 3.0!

Now 3.0's arrival was for the most part planned out. I am always given the option to induce right at the 39 week mark. If you had asked me around mid-January, 3.0 was coming any second. I had contractions constantly and had slowed waaaaaaay down, but she hung in there. 

On February 1st, my OB did one final ultra sound, and asked one more time if I wanted to induce. After discussing it with Mr. Cute, the logistics just seemed to work better. I was already 3+ centimeters dilated and we both had no desire to get stuck in Atlanta traffic with me in full labor. With how traffic is in this area that limited me to hoping the baby came between 11a.m. and 1p.m. or sometime between 2a.m. and 4a.m. I did not need to be Channel 2's featured news story the next day, so planned induction we went. 

 To my shock, the Dr. said, "See you in a few hours." Yikes, I at least thought I had another full day!

Luckily he warned me that Northside Hospital (dutifully nicknamed The Baby Factory), had been slammed recently and that they probably wouldn't call me until closer to morning. He was correct, and around 5:30a.m. we received the call to check in at 7:30a.m. Not to say I slept much that night just out of nerves, but it was nice to be in my own bed and say good morning to The Cutes before we left.

On our way (surprise, surprise) we hit traffic, so we were approximately 15 minutes late. That was fine by me. Even though this was my third time doing this, I still was nervous. Because this was my third time doing this. I knew what I was willingly walking into. I'm in camp just put me to sleep and let me wake up to a cute sweet snuggly baby. 

Even arriving fairly early, and having everything ready to go it was still quite a while before the party got officially started. Mr. Cute and the nurse were betting that sometime between 2p.m and 3p.m. 3.0 would make her arrival. 

My "I'm having tons of contractions, am slightly delirious, and my husband is taking my picture" face.
Considering I had just gotten poked, prodded, and Pitocin was now flowing through my veins I was hoping for it to be much sooner. And for a hamburger (no joke - I was starving!).  

Around hour three, Mr. Cute decided he was exhausted from all of the labor and HGTV watching. 

Well Mr. Cute almost won the bet, because around 2p.m. my Dr. checked on us and decided it was time to do the epidural and get the welcoming party ready. 

Good thing money wasn't officially exchanged. Due to hospital technical issues it was still quite awhile before anything happened. At this time I would like to give a big shout out to my anesthesiologist because that epidural was amazing! Unlike my one with Little Cute, it was a breeze and lasted well after 3.0. made her appearance. (My one with L.C. was not the best experience and it almost made me decide to go sans epidural this time around. Almost.)

At 7:09p.m. 3.0 made her official debut. 

And she was positively precious! She looked so tiny! (Side note: Cute was born at only 5lbs, so both the girls look huge compared to him at over 2+ pounds heavier.)

Because it was so late by the time we arrived in a room, and we were starving, we decided to tell all family to hold off visiting until the following day. It was nice to be able to soak up those sweet first moments just the three of us. 

Bright and early though the next morning, The Cutes descended on the hospital with my sister, and I am not sure the 5th floor will ever be the same. They were positively smitten with their new little sister. 

Particularly L.C. who decided instantly this was "her baby", and she did not let her out of her sight. 

Nor was she about to let any visitor hold her without her complete supervision.

And as CB learned the hard way, if you give her an inch to hold on to baby...she would fight you to the death before she let go. 

Even my mom needed to be watched closely. Those sneaky grandmothers...you never know what they might do with your real life baby doll. Good thing the hospital has that lock down bracelet system in place. 

Once visitors wrapped up for the day, we did some more snuggling and commenced our HGTV marathon.

Which led to Mr. Cute commencing his nap time.

February 2nd was such a special day, and we will always cherish this sweet special surprise gift we were granted. 3.0 has been such a great baby and barely makes a peep at home...unless she's hungry. Then she transforms in every sense of the slang term - "hangry". Our little family feels so complete now and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this little one.

May it contain some sleep?

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P.S. - I feel like she needs a "Cute" name... Baby Cute? Tiny Cute? I'm at a loss...


  1. Oh my goodness, she's gorgeous!! Congratulations! I want to snuggle her! This is giving me serious baby fever!

  2. I vote Baby Cute. Love that sweet baby girl so much already!!!

  3. So sweet, I need to come see that baby girl!


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