Monday, February 15, 2016

San Francisco: Day 1 {Wine Country}

As promised last week during my Friday Favorite's post, I said I would be sharing lots of details about my trip to San Francisco.  We flew in late on Wednesday evening and grabbed a quick dinner before heading to bed.  We were beat because of the time change and wanted to be rested for our busy day the next day.  

We woke up bright and early ready to explore.  While we were on the west coast and so close to wine country, I really wanted to visit some wineries and got the Mr. to agree.  We hired a driver that specializes in wine tours and he planned the whole day for us.  Because we had limited time we opted for Sonoma instead of Napa, but loved our time there.

First up though was crossing the infamous Golden Gate Bridge!

Our first stop was at Petroni Vineyards. It's a family owned and run winery and it was my very favorite stop of the day.  We were greeted for our private tour and tasting and were given a quick tour of how the wine is made.  

Then we were led into the cave system where they store their wine barrels and where the tastings take place.  It was a cave dug into the hillside and it was absolutely amazing!

Then we were shown to our tasting room and the gentleman explained each of the wines and told us a little more about the winery's history.

The next stop for us was La Rochelle.  This was a much smaller winery and had a very quaint feel to it.  We sat outdoors for our tasting and enjoyed the gorgeous sunny day.  There were chickens running around the yard and we over looked the vineyards.  

Our last stop was at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards.  This location had a much more commercialized feel to it, but the wine was still great and the grounds were beautiful.  It over looked rolling hillsides and the building had a Tuscan feel to it.

In addition to the wine tasting, they also had a wide variety of flavored olive oils to taste.

After our busy day of wine tasting we made our way back to downtown San Francisco and took a quick nap before getting dressed and ready for dinner and a little party that eventing.  It was a fundraiser event and we weren't really sure what to expect, but it ended up being a lot of fun. 

There were a ton of NFL superstars there, but most of them I didn't recognize until someone pointed them out.  Then all of the sudden we saw Vince Vaughn and I was totally star struck. We love him and all of his movies, so seeing him so up close was so fun.

He didn't really want to take pictures with anyone, which we understood, but as he was walking behind us at the bar my friend and I snapped a quick selfie with him in the background!

It was a really long, but fun day for the first day of our trip and I couldn't believe how much fun we packed in to one day.  Be sure to check back later this week for more pictures from the rest of the trip!

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  1. This is so awesome! I'm totally jealous of this trip! I've never been to San Fran, but it's on my bucket list. Can't wait for the rest of the trip recap!


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