Monday, February 22, 2016

San Francisco: Day 4 {Super Bowl 50}

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When Sunday rolled around in San Francisco, we were so excited for the real reason for our trip...Super Bowl 50!!!!  When we got the invite a few months prior we knew we had to make this trip happen because it was such a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.  

We took a shuttle from our hotel in downtown San Francisco about 40 miles outside of the city to where the new stadium is. Walking up and arriving with all of the buzz about the Super Bowl was so exciting.   

First up was the Super Bowl tailgate. It was set up in the largest tent I've ever seen complete with three sections and three stages.  Performers like Sam Hunt and Seal were giving concerts.

There were 50 food stations set up with appetizers, desserts, and other goodies so our group snagged a table and started taste testing from all of the stations.  The food was really delicious.   

There was also a large bar with a Super Bowl 50 ice sculpture that was pretty neat, but it was melting quickly because it was so warm that day!

Outside of the tent, but before entering the stadium there was all kinds of entertainment and excitement.  From performers to photo ops, we tried to take it all in!

Once inside the stadium we found our seats and we were right in the Bronco's end zone.  The seats were great and our view inside the stadium was amazing.

Waiting on the game to start it was such a surreal feeling.  We love football and of course we always watch the Super Bowl, so to actually be there was such a cool thing!

Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem and I thought she did AMAZING.  I actually really like Lady Gaga and despite some of the critics I read about her outfit or whatever the next day, I thought she did fantastic and her performance was a great tribute to our country.

That followed by the fly over at the end was just awesome.  Seriously it gave me chills!

The actual game was not too exciting. It was low scoring and there weren't a ton of big plays, but it was still so much fun. When it was time for half-time we got our colored signs that were in our seat when we arrived.  Every seat in the stadium was assigned these cards and we were instructed to hold them up during certain times of the half-time show.  They had little cutouts so we could still watch. Ha!

The show was really bright and colorful and pretty exciting to watch happening right in front of us.  I know there was a lot of talk about Beyonce and her performance, but to be honest, the acoustics weren't great inside the stadium and she performed on the opposite end zone from where we were and as she started singing the jumbo screen went out so I didn't really see or hear much of her performance.  As she was ending we realized there was another jumbo screen behind us that we were able to turn and see, but it wasn't until the next day that all of the negative things about her were said by viewers and critics.  We thought it was a fun show to watch and be a part of.

After the game was over we saw all of the confetti start flying around and even from outside of the stadium you could see it floating in the sky.

It was such a great day and an amazing experience that we were both so happy to get to have.  It's something I will definitely never forget!

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  1. Lady Gaga American national anthem! !
    I was emotion in this great stage direction.


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