Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Project Nursery: Almost There

Well, I knew it was a gamble, but 3.0 most definitely arrived before her room was completed. And the funny thing is...I'm okay with that.

I am loving how it has turned out so far, and for the most part we are finished minus a few small details. Once the room is officially complete I will take real photographs (a.k.a. not quick snapshots from my cell phone), and show it to you in all its girly gorgeousness. For now though I will bring you up to speed on what we completed the few weeks leading up to 3.0's arrival.

Choosing a paint color was tough! I didn't realize just how many shades of gray there actually were out there! I mentioned this on Instagram, and tons of you had great suggestions that helped narrow it down. After much debate we ended up going with Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams. 

While I was making my eyeballs crossed looking at the ultimate 50 shades of gray, Mr. Cute was finishing up the wall trim and bookshelves. 

In one day he was able to knock out the shelving, paint, and put together our furniture that finally arrived. By that evening it actually looked like a nursery. 

And since that evening happened to be only two days before 3.0 arrived it was a good thing that the moment Mr. Cute gave me the all clear, I came right in and was able to put away her clothes and get everything ready. Gotta love pregnant nesting!

I absolutely love the ruffle bumper and the crib skirt that I found once I actually paired it with the furniture, but I noticed the room had a ton of grey. I was going to do some grey elephant sheets I had found, but then decided to throw in some more pink.

I found these pink striped sheets and they are perfect! They seriously are the softest thing I have ever felt and I loved how the stripes play into the seersucker look I am trying to mix in. 

At the shower Carrie Beth threw me last month, my girlfriends had given me a ton of super cute coordinated accessories for her room, and CB had wrapped my gift in this cute grey striped organizer bin. I love dual purpose wrapping, and the bins ended up being the perfect size for the shelves. 

I went and picked up a few more of the grey as well as some of the pink ones, including this fun taller one for larger toys, just to add a little more pink to the room. It will be so nice to have organized storage ready to go once one the shelves are finished and installed for good. 

Don't you love when your kids take super flattering pics of you? 

Cute is taking on my photographers gene, and loves grabbing my phone and taking snapshots whenever he can. I brought The Cutes with me to pick up our glider and he grabbed this little gem of me. I title this photo "Pondering & Stressed". I was trying to discuss with the sales guy our options since the chair I originally wanted was still 8-10 weeks from arrival and at this point I wasn't sure if I had 8 to 10 more hours left to go, and any nursing mom knows a good glider can make or break night time feedings. 

He also snapped this photo of these unsuspecting shoppers making life altering baby furniture purchases. Clearly he was quite inspired by Buy Buy Baby. 

And his pizza dinner afterward. Because nothing says inspirational like cheesy NY style pizza. 
I am so proud.  

The chair I ended up picking, I was able to actually bring home that day. They randomly had one in stock and because I drive a large SUV, I was able to get the salesman to load it up in my trunk without even a worry. 

I love it, and it has most definitely already been put to good use. 

I think I love that it is a little more petite than the chair we purchased for The Cutes. 3.0's room is the smallest guest room we have in our home, so a larger chair would have been a problem as she grew older, but now even when her crib is converted it will fit nicely in the corner for her still. 

Of our original list there is not much left to knock out. Over the next weekend or so we should be finished completely and then 3.0's little space in our home will be complete. 


- Somewhat neutral in color, but not afraid of color pops. 

- A fun girly chandelier!!!

- A large monogram.

- Some sort of built-ins and wall trim to break up the boxy feel. 

- A comfy glider.

- A closet shelving makeover.

- A theme? 

- Furniture that is functional not only as a newborn, but grows with her. 

- Curtains (The windows look so naked!)

Stay tuned!

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