Friday, February 26, 2016

Fashion Fix: Active Wear

It's February, and we all know that we go into each new year having some idea of how we want to focus on our health. Whether that goal is eating healthier, working out more, trying a new fitness routine, getting your family to be more active, lose a few is usually somehow in your mind following up the holidays (those darn holiday cookies!!). 

No matter what your goal is, today's post is going to be all about our favorite active wear. Because let's be honest...

True story, right? :) 

Looking cute might not be an essential part of a healthier lifestyle, but if you can look good while trying to feel good, there's no harm in that right? 

Here are some of our active wear favorites for the whole family...


Comfy shoes can make or break a workout! Nothing is worse than trying to mentally get through a run or walk when all you can think about are the blisters forming on your feet. We've run through a variety of shoe options but have fallen in love with these: 

These Nike Flex shoes have been a go-to for almost a year now! 

They have been great to run in and come a ton of fun bright colors! They are a lighter feel and slightly narrower, so if you have a wide foot I might steer clear of these. 

For something a little wider over all, and maybe slightly a little better for all around use, I have loved these New Balance shoes

So much so that I've grabbed them in a few different colors (see below for black pair). New Balance shoes to me always hold up well, and tend to be comfortable walking and certain classwork at the gym. 

Styles We Love
During cold weather months it is hard to stay motivated sometimes. Especially when your workout might be outdoors. Here are some of our favorites for staying warm during those chilly exercise sessions {click photos for details}...

During winter our go to favorites are still the compression leggings. We spoke of our love for these last year, but they really are our favorites! This pair is from last year, but we are loving the new ones available this season. They even come with a larger waist band for better comfort and fit! 
(Side note: For postpartum moms, I have been loving this! Helps smooth out the "loose skin" in the middle section area right after baby.)

Staying warm on top is also important. We love nothing more than a good pull over, hoodie, or zip up jacket. 

Mr. Cute purchased these Under Armour Cold Gear hoodies for me for Christmas and I love them. 

They have been one of my favorite things to grab before heading out for a walk. He purchased me a size small, and even right up until 39 weeks pregnant I was able to wear them. They are pretty loose, so perfect for layering if you want to pull them off as you get into your run or workout. I own the pink and the black but they come in a ton of colors
When we aren't wearing comfortable tees with hoodies, be both tend to opt for sportier tees or dry fit style tees. 

With Spring just around the corner, here are some favorites as well as some things on our wish list:

These cute polkadot shorts are so fun! We love them and love that the polkadots are actually  reflective, which make them not only cute, but functional for waking or running in the evening or early morning like so many moms do. 

They even have a super cute leggings version!

And fashion post would not be worth posting if we didn't share a little Lilly Pulitzer right? We purchased these Luxletic shorts during the New Year's sale, and love them! Now if temps can get a little warmer - and stay warm - so we can wear them more often!

The rest of the Luxletic line is everything you would expect it to be. Bright, colorful, and super cute! 

And while we are on the subject of super cute things on our athleisure wish list...we are loving these super cute leggings from Albion! They even have matching ones for our girls...L.C. included! 

Looking cute in athletic wear is one thing. Looking cute while matching your mini-me is on a whole other level of fun! Everything from their website gives us the smiles. 

Last year I (Jen), wrote about my love for certain active wear that I had found. I had lofty goals at the beginning of the year, and was constantly running about town in my favorite new workout pants in between my soccer mom duties, running, and barre classes. Mid-way through the year I found out I was pregnant and those fitness goals had to drastically change, but I still wanted to stay active (and comfortable!). 

About mid-way through my pregnancy last year, I was able to try out the active wear from Belabumbum. I'm not going to lie. This line is super comfy, and made of high quality material. I absolutely loved how it was able to grow with my body throughout this pregnancy and I am able to use it even post pregnancy when I nurse. 

This cami and these capris were on repeat a bunch following the months I received them. I ordered my normal sized and everything fit perfectly with room to grow. 

I also loved these BeMaternity capris. I grabbed them sometime second trimester when the band on my normal workout clothes ended up becoming a little snug. I loved that these had a band that I could fold up and down as needed. They are super supportive and have been comfy the whole pregnancy. So much so that I grabbed the full length leggings as well. 

One of my favorite maternity active outfits to wear was this pullover and coordinating pants. Once it became cooler it was nice to have a pullover I could put my hands through to get a little more warmth especially when I had a stroller to push. (Sorry for the bathroom selfie - it's a little hard taking a pic of yourself at 38+ weeks pregnant. That darn belly blocked everything. :) ).

I'm pretty petite normally and purchased an x-small, but wish I could go back and get a small just so it would be a little longer for later in pregnancy. On a recent trip back to the store I noticed they had an updated half zip with a few different colors and gathered sides - those who know the magic of a good ruched side will love these!

Now in past births these sports bras have been my absolute favorite! I love that they are inexpensive, a little thicker for better support (not to mention, convenient in case you might have a little leak if you are nursing - sorry male readers), and super comfy. They come in a variety of colors, and in those first few weeks of nursing were what I chose to wear almost exclusively. I highly recommend!

We're always joking that our active wear is generally from places like Target and Old Navy, while the guys like to experience the finer things in Lululemon.  We're not even kidding. Here are some favorites brought to you by some of our favorite guys. ;) 

Cb's Mr.
In case any of you want to treat your guys to something really nice they will totally love, check out these Pace Breaker shorts.  Mr. really loves this style!  

Jen's Mr. Cute
Mr. Cute loves him some workout clothes so I had him narrow it down to his absolute must-haves. His first order of business surprised me. Apparently these are the equivalent to a ladies need for a sport bra. 
Who knew men needed their own hidden support? :) Mr. Cute assures me these style of boxer briefs are great for protecting all things man parts during both workouts and running. 

And while we are on the subject of the lower half, these are his favorite running shorts

And then for cold weather months these are his favorite pants to layer in. They are available in grey as well. 

Another thing he said was a must for him was his backpack. He uses one similar to this army style one. He likes the backpack style that crosses over his body to keep weight distributed evenly over his body. He fills it with protein bars, his Crossfit shoes, a dry shirt and socks, his weight belt and wraps, and anything else he might need for a workout. Even though it looks small it holds a lot. 

Socks also ranked high on the list. He prefers these low profile socks, and says they come in both white and black. See now here is a major place we differ from our husbands. Socks to us are socks. I usually buy a pack of this style sock when I think of it...or grab a pack from Target.  


I (Carrie Beth) don't know about where y'all live, but around these parts everyone wears workout wear all of the time, including the kids.  Little Mama loves dressing up in dresses and cute outfits, but she also loves her active wear and Blondie would wear "workout clothes" every single day if I let her.  One of their favorites are these cute shorts.  They are like the Nike or Lululemon style, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret...every single one of them is from Wal-Mart.  Yes, you read that right.  Wad-Mart has THE cutest shorts for girls.  They have tons of different styles and patterns and they are all under $5 each.  We have more expensive pairs and these Wal-Mart ones hold up just as well.  I often monogram them for the girls to add a little extra personalization to them, but if you have girls go check them out now!  

They also love their active wear from Justice.  These clothes help them to represent their own personal sports and interests, while feeling cool and comfortable in their coordinating outfits. That boosts their confidence and their self-esteem, which is so important for young girls!

Boys athletic wear is a whole new realm for us. Now ours are still pretty young, but they love to wear their comfy clothes just like the rest of us. And as boys tend to do, they put their athletic wear through the ringer. Here are some of the things they said they loved:

Dry fit tees are a huge hit. Just like they are for men, our little boys love them too. Especially when they come with super hero themes on them!

They love to wear these for just lounging, sports, or when they are playing outside - especially when it is hot. They are starting to notice that older boys wear these all the time and keep pulling them out of the dresser first. Our preppy loving days are numbered we are sure. 

 Good sneakers are always important. Early on we put our little ones in these New Balance shoes. They were neutral enough they could wear them all the time, had a velcro enclosure so that they weren't tripping over laces, and best of all - washable.

Now that they are older we have been letting them pick their own shoes. Cute chose these Nike's at his last outing. Shockingly two of his close friends also have the exact same pair. :) They come in a ton of colors for both boys and girls. 

We've only had them a few weeks, which is why they still look clean, but so far they have held up well - and that is saying a lot when Cute is involved. His quality control testing skills are impeccable. 

And while this style makes us cringe it is a huge hit. Tall athletic socks. 
This totally takes us right back to the 90's before short/hidden socks became the "in" thing. But we've learned the brighter the better. 

As mom's sometimes the accessories matter just as much as the activewear itself when we want to sneak a workout in. And who doesn't love accessories? 

Most of our days we have at least a child or two (furry ones included) with us at all times. Working out at a gym sometimes just isn't as feasible with our schedules, but that's okay. We've learned that being outdoors for a quick walk or run is way more fun that tromping away on a treadmill inside. 

One of the best accessories that we have ever purchased is our BoB Jogging Stroller. By now we each own a single and a double, but we've been a long time fan. It rides great both on the road and off the road, as well as the beach. 
The only downfall is you have to buy additions for it if you would like a cup holder (in our opinion a must have!!), snack tray, or convert for your car seat to sit in it. It's definitely worth the money though if you plan on walking/running with your kids.  

Another favorite accessory is this iPhone armband. We've had it about a year now and it has definitely with stood use and abuse. It comes in ten super cute colors and for under $6 you can't beat that!

Do you love active wear as much as we do?!?  Where do you buy most of your active wear?  Any favorite brands we should check out?  Leave us a comment and let us know!  

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  1. I loved seeing all of your choices!!! I've started running (off and on) and just bought a new pair of shoes! It's funny how having something new or fun makes you want to use them and work out!

  2. Great post! I really want to check out Belabum maternity activewear! Stopping over from the link up and your blog is so cute! Hope you check out mine as well =0) Have a happy Friday!

  3. Those are my favorite shoes, too! Since I had to stop running (stupid knees), I've been going to the gym again and I always need cute workout clothes.

  4. These workout tights, capries and shorts are truly adorable. I am so glad to find this article. Going to start working out soon and found wonderful collection of pattern leggings on a website. Have placed order for pairs of mesh and leggings.


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