Monday, December 12, 2016

Mix & Mingle: Sincerely Southern Co. {Giveaway}

How is it already Monday again?!?  Our weekend was packed with all sorts of fun, but it flew by.  As we inch closer and closer to Christmas if you are anything like me you are knee deep in holiday shopping, gift gifting, Christmas card addressing and everything in between.  I keep thinking I'm ahead of the game and then remember last minute gifts I need to buy and things that I need to check off my list.  That's why I'm so excited for today's edition of Mix and Mingle because I'm hoping it will help all of us with last minute gift ideas! 

Today I'd like to introduce y'all do my darling cousin, Kaitlyn, and her new Etsy shop, Sincerely Southern Co. which features decals, monograms and lots of fun gift ideas! 

A few years ago when Kaitlyn got married she asked both of my girls to be her flower girls for the wedding.  It was such a special experience for them and something they still talk about to this day.  

Here they are with their iPods at the time taking pictures of the beautiful bride and so enamored with her and the whole process of the wedding.  

Before I share some of my favorites from her shop, let's get to know her a little better.  

1.Tell everyone a little about yourself. 

My name is Kaitlyn and I am the owner of Sincerely Southern Co. I have a wonderful husband who has been so supportive of my newest endeavor. Along with being my husband, he is also my carpenter and accountant (haha!). I am a fur mama of the cutest dog in the entire world. He is 7 years young and has his dad and I wrapped around his little paw. Growing up in a small business family, I have always had a huge respect for the self-employed. My sister and I would go to work with my parents and developed a strong work ethic at a very young age. I was a competitive dancer for 12 years and I believe my creativity started with my love for dance. That, combined with my entrepreneurial spirit, led me to create Sincerely Southern Co. 

2. Describe your style, but before she does let me just say that she is a fellow lover of Lilly Pulitzer, so enough said. 

I would say it is conservative mixed with brights, pastels, and a coastal flair! 

3. What's your favorite Christmas tradition? 

My favorite Christmas tradition is being at my parent's house on Christmas morning and hoping that this year we can recreate our Memaw's famous sausage gravy! We probably won't get it just right, but there's always next year! Spending time with loved ones is so important to me on Christmas because it is so rare that we can all be together and be able to stay in our PJ's until noon just sitting around enjoying each other's company. 

4. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

I think I would have to choose spaghetti. I could eat spaghetti for every meal and never get tired of it...just being honest!

5. What inspires you to be creative?  

I get inspiration from the creative community. We all support each other and love what one another does. I love being able to use my imagination to create something and then bring it to life. It's incredibly inspiring to see the joy my products bring to people and makes me want to do this everyday!

Now I want to give you a little peek at some of favorites from her shop!  This mug is probably the best thing I have ever seen.  

I don't even drink coffee, so you know my cup would be filled with bubbly.  How fun would this be as a gift for a girlfriend, neighbor or even (gasp) a teacher?!

These monogrammed key chains are so cute and I just love the little tassel on them. No more loosing my keys with something as sweet as this!  And you know who else loves key chains?  Girls!  Tween and teen girls to be exact.  My girls love hooking key chains on their backpacks and these would be great little gifts for all of their friends. Honestly I think all ladies, young and old, would love these and would be a cute stocking stuffer idea, too!

Anyone else have an elf that visits their house?  Want to give him the night off?  This cute Santa Camera ornament is so clever and a fun little way to remind the kids that Santa is keeping track of their behavior as he finalizes his naughty and nice lists.

Another thing offered in her Sincerely Southern Co. shop are vinyl decals.  They are all made with outdoor adhesive vinyl so they are really a great quality and the possibilities are endless as far as what you can put them on.  Stick them pretty much anywhere from your car window, to a phone case, water bottles, binders, and more.  I think these pineapple ones would be so great for a hostess gift.  A cute beverage tub with one of these would be adorable!

Of course, monogrammed cups, tumblers and water bottles are so fun and something any of us would love.  You can order a monogram decal to put on something you already own, or you can purchase these insulated tumblersfrom her shop with the monogram already on and ready to gift! These are a steal at less than $25 each!

There are just so many cute options and great affordable gifts for anyone you might still be buying for.  Because we love so many of these items, we have partnered with Sincerely Southern Co. to giveaway not one, but TWO items.  

Hop on over to Facebook and Instagram today for your chance to win the super cute Santa Camera ornament and This might be Champagne mug. Hurry because the giveaway is going to be quick and the winners will be announced tomorrow!  

To learn more about Kaitlyn and Sincerely Southern Co.: 

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