Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye to 2015

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of 2015!  It has been a really great year for both of us and we have loved sharing it with all of you.  We thought we would share a little recap of our year as we also look forward to 2016!

We shared one of our favorite drinks...the Moscow Mule.

We were busy getting ready for Valentine's Day with this cute printable and valentine idea.

We enjoyed a fun girls night out to see Wicked at the Fox, which was amazing!

The Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration went live.  It left a lot of people upset, but we just rolled with it, enjoyed the people watching with the crowds, and were happy with what we were able to snag.

We said goodbye to the school year and kicked off summer at the lake.  Such a fun weekend and the beginning of lots of fun with our kids at home.

We had lots of fun in the sun and Jen's family enjoyed a fun trip to Jamaica.

My family continued the summer fun by spending a week on the coast of North Carolina and soaking up every second of the sand and salt water that we could.

It was back to school for us and although we were sad to say goodbye to summer, we were excited about everything back-to-school!

2015 was a big year for Jen!  She found out she was expecting her 3rd baby and in September she had a fun gender reveal party!  I thought for sure she was having a boy, but I was SO wrong!!! Those sparklers were PINK!!!

We had lots of fun this month, but a blog highlight for us was definitely when we traveled to Las Vegas to meet up with some of the other Savvy Sassy Moms for the first Hello Scout weekend.

We got our craft on and completed some fun projects like these DIY tassel necklaces.

We got ready for Christmas, including all of the food and goodies that go along with it like these Peppermint Brownies!

We've certainly had our ups and downs this year, just like everyone else in life, but we force ourselves to focus on the positive.  Tonight we will celebrate the end of 2015 and the very beginning of 2016.  Like with any new beginnings, it's the opportunity to set goals, start new, move forward and keep on keepin' on.  We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years Eve!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Adult Hot Chocolate {plus a printable}

There is nothing that warms you up better on a chilly day than a hot bowl of soup, a warm blanket, or a good cup of hot cocoa. With chillier days upon us, we came up with the yummiest hot cocoa recipe that is sure to warm you from head to toe - because it has a fun little "adult" kick to it. ;)

Check out our fun twist on hot chocolate, and try this adult version we are sharing over on Savvy Sassy Moms HERE

As a bonus it makes for a great gift! Also sharing a fun printable so that you can help keep your loved ones warm and "toasty" this winter season.

Enjoy {Responsibly}!  ;)

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fashion Fix: Shop PinkBlush

I have been so excited about today's post and could not wait to share this awesome women's online boutique with you all!  If you follow us on Instagram than you might have seen a few sneak previews!  I started wearing these pieces as soon as they arrived and could not help but share my love for them!  

A few weeks ago Jen and I were introduced to the PinkBlush Boutique.  One quick look at their site and we fell in LOVE with everything we saw.  Seriously, it was all so cute and we loved it all. I think what I loved most about the pieces is that everything was really different than what you see in stores.  Maybe it's just where I am shopping, but I was beginning to feel like everything looked the same.  With the options offered by PinkBlush Boutique I felt like it was all really trendy, with little details that made them unique.  I had not ever ordered from any of the trendy boutiques online, mostly because I was a little nervous about the fit and quality.  I can assure you ladies that the Shop PinkBlush fit and quality is fantastic. Everything is really well made, washes well, and the materials are all more than I was expecting.

I often have a hard time finding cute dresses for women that are stylish, but there were tons of options  at PinkBlush. I decided to try this floral crochet accent dress and I am so glad I did. I liked that they have the length measurements in the online description because it helped me decided between the small and the medium. I went with the medium for the length and feel like it is perfect.

The details on the sleeves are so cute and I loved wearing this dress for a date night last week!

Another piece I got was the navy floral hooded tunic.  The colors are so vibrant and the material is so soft.  I have worn this top with jeans and boots, but I can also wear it with leggings.  One thing I really loved about the tunics from PinkBlush  are that they are actually long enough to wear with leggings. Being on the taller side (I'm 5'7) I always have a hard time finding tops that are long enough to wear with leggings, but these definitely fit the bill. I ordered the small in this top and it is great with jeans and also is plenty long enough to wear with leggings, too. 

My favorite item that I got from the PinkBlush Boutique was this black crochet button accent top. The fabric is amazing, the details on the sleeves are amazing and the length is amazing.  

I am obsessed with the lace and crochet details on the sleeves!  

And that is one of the thing I love most about PinkBlush.  There are so many tops with similar looks...really unique details on sleeves, shoulders and elbows that stand out and make these trendy pieces ones that stand out against the crowd.  

And friends, right now is a great time to shop because there are some major sales going on leading up to the new year.  What a better way kick off the new year than treating yourself to some really cute pieces that will make you look and feel great!  With free shipping on all U.S orders and easy returns, I promise you won't be disappointed!  And if any of you ladies are pregnant, be sure to check out their maternity line.  Jen will be sharing more from that next week!

Visit PinkBlush Online  //  Twitter  //  Instagram //  Facebook

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***These products were gifted to me by PinkBlush for review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are always my own.***

Monday, December 28, 2015

Bump Update: All is Calm, All is Bright!

We hope everyone had a fabulous and joyful holiday! I feel like the last week has been a blur of holiday fun!

Earlier last we week did a little check up on 3.0, and everything seems to moving forward the way it needs to be, which is a huge relief. My last few appointments showed 3.0 a little behind on growth, but this week at our check it seems that while I personally am measuring about 3-4 weeks behind, on ultra sound baby looks to be on track. I am hoping what that really means is I am all baby and those Christmas cookies I keep eating are just burning themselves off. (A girl can dream right???) While there are some mild concerns to my personal health, baby looks good and all systems are go for 3.0 to arrive in 2016! We are beyond excited!

Once I was given the all clear for this week, the last few days have been filled with fun activities, baking, a lot of late night last minute wrapping, and a whole lot of Christmas celebrating. Mix that all in with everyday life and prepping for house guests, and I am one tired mommy.

Speaking of... how cute are these pjs?!? When I saw them I thought they were perfect! They are super cozy and soft! I'm not sure if the super mom is true on my part, but I can definitely attest to the latter. :) Chasing two active little ones around at eight months pregnant will wear a girl out.

I love the little detail at the bottom of the pants. I little extra something different from other pajama pants, and its nice to be able to have the opportunity to adjust a bit since I am such a shorty!

They also convert to a nursing top for post pregnancy convenience, which is a fun bonus. I love I will be able to enjoy them even longer! I am sure if I think I am tired now, in just a few weeks I will look back and think how well rested I actually was.  Yikes - That's a crazy thought that blows my mind...

The pjs are available from an adorable local company You! Lingerie. I am wearing the Darcy Pajama Set, but love the fun leopard Rosette Pajama Set as well.

 In addition to these super cute pjs, they also make some adorable nursing tanks, darling chemises, and dare I say super sexy nursing bra sets (yes, they actually exist!). I love this pink and aqua one, with its little bow details. They come in a ton of colors and options, as well as a wide range of sizes, so there is a little something for everyone.

 I have a feeling with my growing size, and these constant rainy days, cozy pjs will be my go-to daily attire. Don't be surprised if you see a lot more of these in the near future. (But really, when aren't comfy pjs appropriate? :) ).

Post holidays are you feeling just as tired as I am? 
Or are you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to celebrate the New Year?   

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**This product was gifted to me by You! Lingerie for review. All awesome thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hi Friends!  We just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  We hope y'all enjoy this special day with your family and the ones you love.  We know you will cherish the memories of your children excitedly opening gifts and if you are like us, you will be soaking up every sweet second of this holiday.  We also pray that you celebrate the real meaning of this day.

Merry Christmas! 


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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Atlanta's Pink Pig Holiday Tradition

Earlier this week we completed one of our very favorite holiday traditions...riding Macy's Pink Pig.  For those not from Atlanta, you might think the Pink Pig has nothing to do with Christmas, but it is a holiday tradition in Atlanta that has been around for years and years. You can read more about it HERE and see the blog post I did about it last year HERE.

This is our 8th year riding the Pink Pig and visiting Santa and we have always gone with the same friends.  Once the kids all started school we started planning an afternoon during the week to go and this year we just could not all coordinate our schedules so we figured we would go the first day of our break.  That was a mistake...a BIG mistake.

You see, we thought getting there right when they open would help us to beat the crowds, but everyone in Atlanta must have had the same idea as us.  The line just to buy tickets to get on the ride was longer than I had ever seen it.  We waited almost an hour just for tickets and then we had to get in another line to get on the ride.

The kids were all really good sports and because they don't see each other that often they had a lot of catching up to do, whch helped fight the boredom of waiting in line so long.

Then we finally made it up to the front of the line and it was our turn to ride!!!

The ride takes you through a life-sized storybook about Pricilla and all of her friends at Christmas time.

After the ride we checked out all of the merchandise that was all 50% off!!! We have an ornament that we hang on our tree each year, but I usually say no to buying other stuff because we don't need more stuffed animals, etc.  But, these sweatshirts were so cute and such a great deal that we all ended up getting them for our kids. (And my kids wanted to put them on as soon as we got home!)

Because we had waited so long we decided to grab lunch before seeing Santa and guess what...more lines!  Of course all of the kids wanted Chick-fil-a and that was where the longest lines were.

Next we were ready to see the big man in red.  My kids made lists for Santa the night before and had been talking all about what they were going to tell them they wanted for Christmas. When we got there the line wasn't too bad, but I had heard Santa needed to eat lunch at some point and just as I had suspected, as we were waiting in line he had to go take a break.  Understandably so, but still it meant more waiting.

I wasn't about to get out of line at this point and we were positioned right in front of the TV they had playing movie previews and other things that kept the kids entertained so we just waited.  And I'm glad we did, because when he came back we were one of the first ones in line so it didn't take too long.

The kids were so excited to show Santa their lists, tell them how good they have been, and smile for a quick picture.

It was a really fun day with friends and we are so happy that we got to keep up with our annual tradition, but lesson learned.  Next year we will go back to our plan of going during the week to avoid the crazy long lines and wait times!

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