Monday, August 31, 2020

Mini Fall Porch Refresh


We know it's August and still 110 degrees out, but we officially have Fall on the brain! Fall looks a little different this year in terms of football, holidays, etc. But we are making the most of it and have decided to concentrate on celebrating even the littlest of joys. Because joy is joy and right now we need more of that in the world. 

What brings us a small joy? 

Fall decorating! 

Even more joy? 

Fall decorating for someone else who deserves it! We decided to spread a little cheer and surprise a teacher friend with a little Fall front porch refresh. Because if there is anyone in the world right now who deserves a little surprise in their life - it's a teacher! 

We had the best time putting this little project together, and found some fun Fall decor in the least likeliest of places - Lowe's! Not sure why we never think of Lowe's for decor, but they had a great selection and most of it under $50! 

We found some great items! Tons of fun things that match her current porch decor and furniture so it was easy to seamlessly add them in. Here is a little peek at how the project turned out and links to all of the items! 

| Buffalo check pillow covers | Lantern | Checked mini pumpkins | White Reusable Pumpkin

| Pumpkin Door Mat | Buffalo Check Rug (in store only, similar linked) | 

Other items not used, but we loved!
- Gingham Check Pumpkins multi-sizes (in store only, similar linked here)

Are you excited about Fall? When do you start decorating for all the Fall things? If you could surprise someone with a Fall porch refresh, who would it be? 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Pineapple Mimosa Recipe

It's official - all the kids are back in school (in some capacity)! But it still feels like Summer. Cross over the two and we feel like that deserves a little something to celebrate. 

Or at least a little something to take the edge off both the heat and re-learning algebra. 

We present to you...

...the Pineapple Mimosa! 

This is the next recipe in Summer Recipe Series and it's the perfect easy cocktail for this time of year. Baby showers, ladies brunches, Sunday mornings by the has you covered. It's also the one our friends like to recreate most whenever we break out the Mom-mosa Bar

If you've missed the other recipes over the last few weeks, here they are: 

And now for the main event. 


- 3 oz of champagne
- 1 oz of pineapple juice
- Optional garnish: pineapple slices

1: Fill champagne flutes with chilled champagne. 
2: Add pineapple juice. 
3: Serve & enjoy!

See we told you this one was easy! 

Cheers friends! 

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Back-to-School Prep with Findlay Rowe

Back-to-school prep looks a lot different this year than any other. Whether we like it or not we are still living that pandemic life. Your school district might be planning to go back virtually, give face-to-face a go, rock a hybrid schedule, or you've thrown all caution to the wind and decided to homeschool. Either way school in some form is going down and we all want to be ready. 

Last week I popped into one of my favorite local boutiques - Findlay Rowe in Roswell, Ga.  

(Who now can be your local boutique too! Because while 2020 hasn't produced many great things, it has produced some of our favorite local stores going online. While we love browsing in person - we love getting fun surprises in the mail too!)

Y'all know we are long time fans of the Findlay Rowe ladies and their adorable shop. All through this stressful year they have been a bright little light. If you don't know what I'm talking about - tune into their weekly Live they do Thursday's on social media. Not only have these ladies made sure to stay positive through the last few months,  they've done a stellar job to support their customers and local community. 

When it came time for back-to-school shopping, I knew they would have tons of great items to help get my little ones prepped for the year as well as a little something for the teachers (because Lord knows if anyone deserves a gift right now - it's them!). 

I brought one of my shopping partners with me and we were easily and safely able to get the job done! No matter what capacity you are going back-to-school in, or if you are sending off your biggest littles for the first time - Findlay Rowe has a little something for everyone to be covered. 

Here are some of my back-to-school favorites that I found. 


I know we are all digital and have phones, shared Google Calendars, Siri and her BFF Alexa, and apps galore to keep our schedules in order, but I'm old school. I still need to write everything down. I think on a school year calendar year these days, so August is usually when I get a new one. This year there might not be something to write in it, but at least she's pretty! 

There are a ton of great planner options at Findlay Rowe when it comes to planners, but the Lilly Pulitzer ones are my favorite. 

If I could go back in 2019 and do one thing - It would be to open a mask making business. I'd be on my own self-quarantined private island by now. With a person solely dedicated to bringing me fruity cocktails. But alas, I'm just a professional mask-wearer these days like everyone else. 

Findlay Rowe not only had a stylish selection of mask options for adults, they also have a great selection for kids too. They carry ones from Scout, Gretchen Scott, and more!

One of the things our kids look forward to most each school year is picking out a new lunch box. Well since eating out isn't as much of a thing any more, whether you're at work or at school Findlay Rowe has a lot of fun lunchbox and cooler options for the whole family. Including a wine backpack made by Corkcicle that mommy has her eye. (Okay, it can be a regular backpack too. But really, it's insulated and fits wine. So...)

We've heard one of the biggest conversions at school is that there will no longer be water fountains. In lieu of water fountains there will be water bottle stations where kids can refill their water bottles throughout the day. Whether working from home or at school staying hydrated is important. And so is purchasing a during cup. Because kids. And their need to destroy. 

Findlay Rowe has a great selection of insulated water cups and durable water bottles. Corkcicle, Swig, Lilly Pulitzer - just to name a few. We loved these flip top ones from Corkcicle. 

And if you already have one, Findlay Rowe carries the conversion top as well as the straws

This pink tie dye one caught my eye too, and was an instant hit with my girls. 

I also was a huge fan of these reusable stainless steel straws in their own carrying case from Swig. Perfect to just throw in your book bag or purse for use. 

VSCO girls can rest at ease - FR has you covered! 

Stickers, scrunchies, Teleties, lip gloss pens, oversized key rings, cute notebooks...need I say more? 

Listen, if 2020 is going down as anything - it's the cleanest year ever. Sanitizers, soaps, and wipes are the hottest back-to-school items amongst any teacher (homeschool and face-to-face alike). Findlay Rowe has some of our favorite luxury hand soaps and lotions. 

These ones from Michel Design Works smell ah-mazing, and make for great teachers welcome gifts. 

Another top choice is the Capri Blue combo. It smells like our favorite Volcano candles we are addicted to. And we were excited to find they carry a multi surface cleaner too! 

These wipes from Well-Kept are also a great back-to-school idea. Have you seen the studies recently on germs and cell phones? It's not for the faint of heart. 

These wipes are perfect for tweens and teens to throw in their book bags for a daily clean down. 

Listen, if I'm going to be teaching my kids from home I want to be as zen and cozy as possible. Light my favorite Capri Blue candle, fill my Swig cup with some "mommy juice", and give me all the Findlay Rowe cozies. 

The Barefoot Dreams selection is dream worthy and totally worth the price. Common core math and long division approved. 

I almost held off on including college team gear to my must-have list, but listen - some friends have rising college Freshman who had a rough end to their senior year. What better way to get them hyped for their first year of college with some theme gear. This year looks nothing like what the class of 2020 predicted but we can try to make it as fun as possible in little ways. 

As for the rest of's the South. There will always be a team to cheer for. Even if there isn't. May your homegating be on point, and your ESPN Game Day Classic subscription be strong. 

What's back-to-school without the snacks? We love the unique snacks that Findlay Rowe carry, and the  Dots Pretzels are usually one of the first they pull off the pantry shelves. 

From delicious treats to adorable snack time dishes, Findlay Rowe has a little something for everyone to make snack time special. 

The Happy Everything Line is the perfect way serve a snack to your little student!

I had a blast catching up with the team from Findlay Rowe and checking out everything they have for back-to-school season. Stop by and say hi or if you aren't local give them a visit online! They make it so easy for you! 

What are some of your back-to-school must haves this year? 

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Amazon Lately: July and August

I have been loving the Amazon Lately posts each month and July sort of got away from me so I decided to combine July with the beginning of August for today's post.  Some of the things in my orders this past month were simply too boring to share like a new grill brush the Mr. ordered or a replacement air mattress for our hanging bed on the porch.  However, I did have some really great items this month so I decided those would be more fun to share! 

1. Glow in the dark dip nail set - I shared about these on stories after we first got it, but I am literally obsessed!!!  Since quarantining started I have been doing my own DIY Dip Manicures at home.  You can read all about it HERE. The girls wanted some fun new colors for summer so I let them pick out a set and they chose this glow in the dark set. Y'all!!!  I am just like a little kid because every night when I get in bed I can't stop staring at my nails glowing.  It's also fun when I'm putting my son to bed because he gets a kick out of them glowing! 

2. Dip manicure polishes - In order to do a dip manicure you need 3 different polishes (a base, an activator and the special top coat). The original set I bought came with the polishes, but they were running low and I needed some more and ordered this set.  So far it's worked great for me! 

3. 100 pack of stickers - Our county is starting school next week 100% virtual and none of us are very happy about it.  However, we are trying to make the most of it so to get the kids excited I let them decorate their laptops with stickers.  This pack was 100 stickers for $4.99 and some of them are really cute! These stickers are waterproof so they are also great for decorating their water bottles.  

4. Facemasks - A friend told me about this brand of facemarks that her kids liked so I ordered a few for my son.  He loves them because they are really soft and the ear loops are comfortable and adjustable.  They come in a TON of cute prints so I'm tempted to get some for the girls too...especially if we end up heading back to school anytime soon. 

5. Pitching trainer baseball - My son has this and loves it so we bought one for his friend's birthday gift who is also starting kid-pitch baseball. It shows them how and where to grab the ball for different types of pitches. 

6. Pitching speed sensor ball - My son also has had fun with it so we ordered this to go with the same birthday gift mentioned above.  It is a baseball that you can pitch and it tells you how fast you are pitching. I'm not sure that it is 100% accurate, but it is still fun for him to use with friends. 

7. Silver Dollar sneakers - These sneakers from Amazon are a great Golden Goose dupe. They are made with real leather, are perfectly distressed and are much cheaper.  They come in a bunch of different colors and I was trying to decide between the blush and these with the gold accent, but love the ones I got!  I know I will wear them a bunch this fall and winter. 

8. Drawer organizer - I have a super shallow drawer in my bathroom that for 6 years has been unorganized and I decided this week to do something about it. I searched and found this two-pack that seems like it will fit and work great to keep all of my make up and other things like that organized. It is set to arrive today so I'll keep y'all posted! 

9. Urgent repair shampoo - My hairdresser suggested this to me several years ago for dealing with my daughter's super blonde hair.  Swimming in some of our friend's pools makes her hair turn green and dry from all the chemicals.  She uses this after swimming and we've found it really does help.  We were all out so I was happy to find it on Amazon!  

10. Flashcards - My son is starting 3rd grade...the year to learn multiplication facts!  I already started working with him a little in the spring and over the summer to learn some of his facts with a set we had. His teacher also recommended a pack of division flashcards for their virtual learning. 

11. Mascara - Someone told me about this amazing mascara available on Amazon. It has over 7,000 5 star reviews so I decided to give it a try.  It's only $5 and SO good!!!  I've been wearing it all summer and also have the waterproof version that I wear when we are going to the lake or the pool. 

The very last thing I ordered on Amazon was THIS for my son.  His teacher said they needed it for a book study so Amazon to the rescue!  

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