Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mommy Maintenance: Teeth Whitening Kit {Giveaway}

I'm so excited to share a new topic for my Mommy Maintenance series today!  This is perfect for anyone looking to do something for themselves and it's all about making your smile bright and beautiful...something that has always been important to me!

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And now onto today's topic of beautiful smiles.  I know people notice different things about others when they first meet them.  For some it's their eyes, for other's it's their hair and for me I always notice people's smiles.  I feel like if someone welcomes me with a smile it makes a lasting impression and immediately helps me to feel at ease.  Because of this I've always been pretty aware of my own smile and wanted it to be as bright and white as possible.  I don't like coffee so I  don't have to worry about coffee stained teeth, but I do love sweat tea and red wine, two other liquids that can stain teeth.

Years and years ago I had dentist teeth whitening trays made, but those are long gone so, when I was contact by Smile Brilliant to ask if I'd like to try their home teeth whitening kit I jumped at the chance.

Everything I needed showed up on my doorstep in one box!  There was a kit for making the molds of my upper and lower teeth, an envelope to send the molds back, the whitening and desensitizing syringes, and detailed instructions to walk me through step-by-step.

The best thing about Smile Brilliant is that I didn't have to leave my house!  Yes, you read that correctly!  The same custom teeth whitening trays that I could have had made at my dentist were available to me at a much more affordable price and in the comfort of my home.  I didn't have to worry about making an appointment, scheduling childcare, getting dressed up or anything!  I know for busy moms, like me, that is a big deal!  After my Barre class one day, I came home and made the molds of my teeth for my custom trays in the comfort of my own home dressed like this with my pup watching me the whole time. :-)

It's important to get this step right and I was a little nervous because there are time limitations before the paste hardens, but I was worried for nothing!  It was so easy to do and actually kind of fun. I felt like I was doing a science experiment.  

There are two small containers that you mix together until you get a solid blue color.  This feels a little like play dough.

Then you push it down into the trays and hold it on your top or bottom teeth until it begins to harden. I've linked a video of this process for anyone that wants to see how it works!

After completing this step for both the top and bottom teeth you place the molds in an envelope and mail it back to Smile Brilliant.  They make your trays and then just a short while later your custom trays arrive back in the mail!

I was so impressed with the fit and comfort of the material used for these trays.  They are not hard and rigid and instead are flexible which makes them comfortable and easy to wear.  It had been quite a while since I had whitened my teeth, but I do remember my teeth being very sensitive after whitening so I eased into it with just wearing the whitening trays for 30-45 minutes at first and then then working my way up to about an hour or two at a time.

The good thing about Smile Brilliant is that they also provide you with a desensitizing gel that is used after the whitening gel to help combat the tooth sensitivity that some people (like me) experience.  I really do feel like it helps because I haven't noticed the sensitivity like I had in the past.  

My teeth were already pretty white and there is only so much stain removing that can be done by this whitening system, but I have loved this for helping to maintain my smile and to combat the stains.  

If some of you are interested in learning more, check out this article about Things To Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening.  It shares a ton of great info and answers some questions you might have.

Now for the really exciting part!  We've partnered with Smile Brilliant to give away one teeth whitening kit to one of our readers!  To enter to win, be sure to click HERE to head over to their website for the giveaway.  Also, if you would like to order your own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit, be sure to use the code themagnoliamamas5 to receive 5% off your order.

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**I was given a teeth whitening kit for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.** 
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