Monday, December 11, 2017

The Great Snow of 2017

The Great Snow of 2017...that's what we're officially calling it. Because the odds of Atlanta getting 8+ inches of snow between now and the end of the year are pretty small. The odds of Atlanta getting that much snow in the next decade are actually pretty small.

But... on Friday we totally had the Great Snow of 2017. Mid-way through the day our area started to look like this...

And this...

And a little bit of this...

And by mid-afternoon we had a whole lot of this...

GORGEOUS snow! I mean could that be any more like a postcard for Winter?

Now, we know that Atlanta has a bad wrap when it comes to snow, the prediction of snow, and that we've even been known to close school a time or two for temps falling below 30 degrees. There are countless jokes about us rushing to the stores to buy bread, milk and eggs.

There is that infamous little snow event a few years ago that had us all sleeping on the highways, trapped at our offices, and abandoning our cars on the side of the roads to sleep in strangers homes. For those of you not familiar do a quick Google search for "snowmageddon". But this - The Great Snow of 2017 - was completely different.

First, we heard here and there snow might arrive on Friday, but forecasters weren't making a huge deal of it and saying the likelihood of anything sticking would be small. I mean, two days before we were wearing shorts. So, in all likelihood why wouldn't we trust the weatherman?

We woke up to beautiful fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky. We did what all southerners do when they see snow. We took a million photos, watched it continuously as if it might disappear at any moment (because this is the South and it totally does), and let our children frolic in its amazing-ness before it melted on the ground. Then we promptly sent them on to school because this was just a passing storm that would produce a light dusting.

Rule #1: Never trust the weatherman.

By 10a.m. it became apparent this was more than a "light dusting". In fact, it quickly became a large dusting. And then a large road covering dusting.

There was a scramble to get kids from school, and then home. For a brief moment we all felt a little panicky. That little incident from a few was causing quite a few flashbacks. And trust us, we did not want to be in a place where we had to sleep in a strange bed and be in the same clothes for five days.

But we are proud of our school systems, and overall the metro Atlanta area. The moment the snow situation turned we all snapped into power mode and made our way home before all 8 inches of snow hit the ground. Safe and sound. No gridlocked highways full of stranded motorists for three days.

Instead our snow days looked more like this...

And this...

And a whole lot of this...

To be a little was SNOW MUCH FUN! ;)

We never get snow like this, and even though it totally caught us off guard, it was a blast. And it was perfect snow too. Super fluffy, and perfect for playing in. Not the usual icy hard snow we typically are graced with if we get any at all.

The kids (both human and furry) loved playing in it. They stayed out for hours only to come in for a quick warm up and snack before heading back out to play.

The whole weekend was a winter wonder playground, and we soaked it all in.

Now the only downfall to the whole situation was one of us landed herself without power for 36 hours. I (Jen) was drastically unprepared for this (1) because coming from Northern parents I rarely freak out about snow, and (2) our eight year old home has never lost power for longer than a few minutes.

I'm not gonna lie. It was a little lot cold, and I kicked myself for not having an emergency set of things ready for a situation like this. Lesson learned and I currently have all sorts of goodies from Amazon being shipped to my house as I type. Top of my list - lanterns! I had quite the collection of scented candles to get us through, and Mr. Cute has quite the collection of random light up head gear (Why?? I have no clue.), and without that we would have been in the dark a good bit. Because who needs to charge your phone or make sure your portable cordless chargers are charged before an emergency?? Apparently not this girl.

We also could have totally left the house and stayed with Carrie Beth, my family, or one of the other countless people who offered, but Mr. Cute wanted to wait it out and chalked it up to making memories. Well, memories were definitely made. Cold, dark memories. :)

Overall we will fondly remember The Great Snow of 2017 because quite honestly...SNOW MUCH FUN!! It is an event that will probably not happen again any time soon, and one we know our kids will remember their entire lifetime.

Just in case it ever does...what are some of your favorite snow day necessities? Survival needs? Share with us! Because the next time there is even the hint of a flurry we will be prepared!  

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