Friday, December 14, 2018

Kitchen Confessions: The Best Christmas Bark

The countdown is on! Christmas is TEN DAYS AWAY! We've been on holiday overdrive lately. If you see us running around with powdered sugar on our faces, remnants of wrapping paper stuck to us, or a trail of glitter in our wake give us a little grace. Because we have been doing all the holiday things. 

Topping the list has been baking (ahem, and eating) holiday treats. We've love gifting tins of holiday treats to friends and neighbors this time of year. We have a variety of go-to recipes that we usually make, but a crowd favorite has to be this Christmas Bark. 

This Christmas Bark recipe is seriously THE BEST! It looks pretty, but only takes a few minutes to make (a huge bonus if making large quantities!). It really is so easy that the kids can actually do it themselves. 

It has just the slightest hint of peppermint to it, and the minute you put it in your mouth you know you're going back for seconds. 

Or thirds.

Possibly fifths. 

Okay...the whole tin. Make yourself an extra batch. 

This year we delivered our treats in these adorable mini tin pails

To see more details and grab the full recipe of THE BEST CHRISTMAS BARK head over to Savvy Sassy Moms

What are some of your favorite holiday treat recipes? We're looking to add a few more to our baking list before the season is over. Bonus if it has peanut butter in it. Christmas is on our future, but those Halloween Reese's are still fresh on our minds! 

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