Thursday, June 3, 2021

End of Season Soccer Party


A few weeks ago we hosted an end of season soccer party. Although when it comes to full year sports the season doesn't really ever end. But we knew some players wouldn't be returning for the following year. or attending the Summer league. So when we saw a break in our schedule and sun on the forecast we threw together a last minute pool party to celebrate the season. 

This was the most fun soccer season we have ever had. We switched teams this year, and with Covid running rampant, it restricted a lot of mingling amongst the parents and players. As parents, Mr. Magnolia and I were initially worried our son would be feel like he was on the outside since most of the players had been together for years. However, this was the sweetest group of ten year old boys and they instantly welcomed all the newcomers. They've all become close friends, and pulled out a GREAT season. 

When we purchased this house, this was totally what I was picturing in my mind - hosting the kids parties here and having the space to let everyone spread out and have fun. And fun this group had! 

I was able to pull a soccer theme party together relatively easily. I have a ton of Coton Colors Happy Everything Pieces with a variety of the soccer attachments. With a quick switch of my attachments an instant theme was made. 

Happy Everything! has attachments for a lot of sports (football, baseball, softball, cheer, basketball, etc.) so this is easily a party you can recreate for another type of team!

The rest of the decor I can thank the good people of Amazon. With a quick click of a button, and that fabulous two day shipping, I able to snag a ton of great soccer themed party and pool items with little effort.

And because I like to be a little extra sometimes I asked Mr. Magnolia on a Home Depot trip to grab me a strip of astro turf. He had no idea what I planned on using it for, but has learned to just agree with me when it comes to party planning. 

I just knew the turf would make for a fun table runner. This is just a single one foot strip they were able to cut in store and roll up for us. 

And because it was a pool party, I grabbed all the players and siblings some fun, inexpensive aviator glasses to wear and take home.   

For food I kept it relatively simple. Mr. Magnolia fired up the grill and made hotdogs and hamburgers. I asked the team to bring sides and I had snacks and drinks on hand for the kids. 

I always keep this little tiered tower stocked with snacks for the kids in our basement, so it just required an easy restock. 

And since this is essentially our bar, serving the adults was super easy too! 

The kids and adults had so much fun together, we already are planning to do this again soon! 

Now to get prepped for the Summer season. I have a feeling you'll find me floating in the pool post game more than the kids because Summer in the South is no joke. 

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