Friday, April 15, 2022

On-Trend Gifts For Teens {Athleisure Clothing They Love!}

Earlier this week I shared some cute on-trend jewelry and accessories that are great gifts ideas for teens and today is all about the athleisure clothes they love. 

Here is the thing...I know a lot of these items are expensive.  I know it is crazy to spend over $100 on a pair of sweatpants.  BUT, I also remember what it was like to be in middle school and just wanting to fit in. I am at a point in my life where I don't care about the labels and having what everyone else has, but when I was 13 you better believed I cared.  Like I have explained to my husband on numerous occasions, that is why I purchase these things for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Plus, the lucky thing for me is that my girls wear the same size now so they can share everything. 

That said, I've also found some great dupes for some of the items that I'm also sharing today!  My girls have some of the dupes and they are all great quality so only sharing the ones we personally own. 

These cropped tanks are super cute.  Linking a great dupe from Amazon HERE with over 16,000 reviews!  I bought one of these for my daughter's birthday and the quality is amazing!  The only difference is it is missing the logo.  

My girls are constantly swiping these from each other's rooms.  I've purchased several of the dupes from Amazon and they really are just as great! Shop HERE and see over 1,500 reviews. 

They love all the fun colors, but I will say my girls wear the white and black the most because they match all of their colored bottoms. 

Wish I would have known flair leggings were going to make a comeback because I would have saved all of mine from early 2000's.  These are super cute, super soft, and super on trend with the kids. 

Want to make a kid's day?  Gift them an Aviator Nation piece of clothing. Who knew a zip-up hoodie could make a kid so happy. Another great option is the Aviator Nation cropped sweatshirt

Notice a trend with the brands here??? It pained me to buy these at Christmas, but she has 100% gotten her wear out of them.  Super soft and runs true to size, but a little short. Also available HERE

These skirts are adorable and have built in shorts. The Amazon dupe looks EXACTLY THE SAME!!!  

So many cute colors, but the smaller sizes usually go quick.  My girls like the 2.5 inseam best. 

Another adorable shorts option that sort of looks like a skirt. Also nicknamed the butterfly shorts.  Lots of fun colors and lots of options for less than the original on Amazon. 
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