Thursday, April 7, 2022

Tips for a Well Styled Entryway

Spring is here in full swing, and over the last few weeks we've tried to tackle some home refreshing projects we've had on the brain. Carrie Beth was able to finish her daughter's desk makeover, and it looks SO GOOD! Jen has been trying to wrap up her dining room redecorating project (reveal coming soon!), and we both decided that our entry ways needed a little sprucing up. 

The entryway is the first thing people are greeted with when they enter your home, and it tends to set the stage for how they view your living spaces. From smell to organization, we want out guests to have a welcomed feeling when they enter our homes. But, we also want it to look good. That's where we enlisted the big guns. We knew just who to get advice from!

We chatted with a stylist from Casabella about tips for having a well styled entryway. She was so helpful, and with the many furniture, lamps and accessory items available onsite we were able to put all our new knowledge to good use at home!


Create a focal point. 
Think console table - this will serve as your anchor for the space. There are so many options for entryway tables that you can have so major fun picking out what you want as the focal point of your room. Think of your decor style and try to purchase a console table that will reflect that.

Things to keep in mind: Do you want it opened or have storage that can be hidden from guests? Also measure your space, and choose a console table that fits your entryway. 

We found a number of sizes on hand at Casabella. Even some great small space options that were gorgeous!!

Go Big! 
Add a large mirror or piece of art over the console table. This piece of advice was consistent amongst all of the onsite staff at Casabella. The use of one large piece over the console rather than a grouping of several small pieces seems to the the trend right now. It helps to enlarge the scale of the room, as well as look more polished/less cluttered. Seeing it in person - we love this concept! 

Add florals. 
This creates a sense of warmth for the room, and can be an easy seasonal item you can change out without having to redecorate the entire space. 

Light it up!
The more well lit the space the better. If you opted out of a mirror for added light, think lamps. Lamps are an easy way to add balance your your entry table as well as add more light to a room. 

Things to keep in mind: Go for lamps with multiple lighting settings. You will be able to adjust the lighting according to mood. 

Add personality. 
This is your chance to be bold. Add seasonal accessories or a fun pop of color. Go bright and bold with your art. Choose a funky mirror. Favorite books, a fun piece of art, an artifact from a family vacation...the options are endless when it comes to making this space a little more "you", and a little less hotel feeling, but still looking well designed. 

Think about storage. 
You want this space tidy. Having drawers in your console to keep the space clean or having baskets available for shoes, umbrellas, or purses.

Personally, we tend to lean towards the "hiding our messes" options of furniture, but love the idea of an open concept table as well. Maybe one day we will be that level of organized. One day. 

If the space is big enough you can add a bench or a chair for more texture and for guests to utilize for additional temporary storage or shoe removal.

For more home decor options visit Casabella in person. Their designers and staff are very helpful and if you bring pictures in of your space or measurements, are easily able to show you what will work within your budget and space with what they have on hand. It is SO NICE to be able to have that level of customer service and personal design experience at your finger tips.


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