Wednesday, April 13, 2022

On-Trend Gifts For Teens {Jewelry & Accessories}

My middle Mini Magnolia turned 13 this weekend! I can hardly believe she is a teenager.  

A friend and I were talking about gifts for our new teenagers and how they all really love having the "in" items to feel like they fit in with their friends.  We were comparing ideas so I thought I'd share some of our favorite on-trend gifts for teens in case anyone else was looking for ideas. I had lots and lots of suggestions so decided to break it up into a few different parts.  Today is all about some fun jewelry and accessories. 

1. Smiley Face Trucker Hats 
Summer is coming!  These are fun for the beach and the pool. Another cute option HERE.

These cute necklaces come in several different colors! 

Not only the ultimate mom bag, but teens love these bags, too! The perfect size for a sleepover or for the beach. Tons available on Amazon, but we love supporting a local mom owned business, Lolly Luella! She has some really cute ones! 

Last week I shared all about the Stoney Clover Ln stuff at Target and the personalized letter patch trend is everywhere!  Judith March has a lot of great options and some super things you can personalize with the letter patches at a much more affordable price tag. 

This was one of the top things on my daughter's birthday list.  Everyone loves a good bracelet stack and these come in a bunch of different colors. I did a turquoise and off white for my daughter.  

Want to complete the bracelet stack?  These gold beaded bracelets are a great addition to the E Newton ones for a fraction of the price. 

Even though my girls are driving yet, they love these keyring bracelets.  They can keep a little card pouch attached for their gift cards/money/etc. 

These are a great everyday sneaker that will match all the Lulu! My daughter has these and raves about how comfortable they are.  Plus, she loves everything to match so the neutral colors are great. 

This is when wearing the same size as my girls comes in handy. These adorable sneakers are the perfect addition to any cute outfit.  They look darling with denim shorts, casual dresses, or skirts! 

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