Friday, September 22, 2023

Fashion Fix: Homecoming Shoes From Amazon

 It's HOCO season!!!  Such a "fun" time for moms and daughters to search for the perfect dress, shoes and accessories. You read the sarcasm in that sentence, right? It really can be fun, but it can be stressful and frustrating, too!  Trying to find the perfect dress that makes them feel confident about themselves, but that is also mom-approved isn't always the easiest. If you've gotten the dress tackled next comes shoes and jewelry. Like most teenagers, my girls are incredibly busy with school and sports, so it's hard to find time to actually go shoe shopping.  Instead, I have ordered numerous pairs of shoes for my girls to try. I found some great options on Amazon Prime, so it was easy to ship back and return what didn't work. I wanted to share a little roundup of some of our favorites.  Most of these have modest height heels so it's manageable for them to be able to wear all night (or at least through pictures and dinner) and are all very reasonably priced.  Also, all of these come in multiple colors so if there is a style you like be sure to check out all the options! 


1. Suede Tie Heels - $41.99

2. Platform Heels - $49.99

4. Bow Heels - $52.00

5. Silver Block Heels - $43.00

6. Nude Block Heels - $29.00

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