Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School {plus a freebie}

These last few weeks have been a back to school blur here in our little world. I am a summer girl at heart and love not having a schedule, enjoying fun filled days by the pool, and every parents favorite...sleeping in (wahoo 7:20a.m.)! So when I changed my calendar to August, and saw that date marking "Back to School", I got a little bit sad. For weeks we filled our days with fun activities soaking up every last ounce of summer freedom we could. Then next thing you know we were at Meet and Greets, labeling everything in sight, and packing our first day of school lunches. 

This year, I got smart and pre-paid the school for school supplies. Without having to run around every supply store with in a fifty mile radius looking twelve stick glues, I was able to channel my energy into making some fun back to school crafts and gifts. 

For my son's teachers I designed and made these personalized notebooks. I added some cute packaging, and he delivered them to at his Meet and Greet. He was so excited to give them each a present, and I think they were excited to receive something for themselves.

Then on the first day of school we made these coordinated apple themed treats for all of his new classmates. Originally I thought I would have apple fondant sugar cookies made, but with the worry of allergies we decided to use Buddy Fruits. They work great for this age group and went perfectly with our apple theme.

Then I remembered that several of my friends had firsts happening this year (First Day of Kindergarten, PreSchool, MIDDLE School?!?), and I wanted to do something special for them as well. I racked my brain for a few days and then came up with this fun gift...

I think it is safe to say it was a favorite amongst my friend group. :)

In fact it was such a hit, I decided to share the printable with you all. I made three different versions: Pre-School, Kindergarten, and a basic one that just says School. Click the links below to download each version.

We hope everyone has a great start to the school year! Be sure to tell us what your favorite things you do to celebrate the start of the school year or how you make it special!

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