Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Leprechaun Lacquer

Not being one to miss an opportunity to celebrate a holiday (or the chance to put The Cutes in theme wear), I have started putting together fun little treats and gifts for St. Patrick's Day. 

I came up with a super cute and easy nail polish gift for some of the fun ladies in my life. Teachers, friends, my mom...I love surprising them with cute little gifts like these. 

While making the rounds at Target last week, I spotted these fun nail polish colors and thought they were perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  Reading the fun names (which is my favorite part about picking out nail polish), I just knew that this little project was meant to be. 

This green and the gold create the perfect color combo to help celebrate your Irish pride... or at least will keep those sneaky little leprechauns from pinching your hiney.

After adding the duo to my cart, along with 9,271 items I didn't realize I needed before I walked in there, I made my way home and created a few fun printables to pair with it.

I just printed, wrapped in a treat bag, tied with some green coordinating ribbon and voila...a fun little St. Patrick's Day treat complete. 

I just couldn't help myself and made not one, but two fun printables to use with this gift. I thought the first one could also be used for a mani/pedi gift card or to pair with a fun foot scrub or lotion. 

Sharing both printables for you to enjoy and create your own Leprechaun Lacquer treat. 

To download the "Leprechaun Lacquer" printable click HERE
To download the "Hands/Feet" printable click HERE.

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Good luck everyone!!

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  1. I love this idea! if I have time to get to the store this weekend (in the midst of our 3 snow storm in 2 weeks), i'll be sure to pick up some polish! then i can't wait to print your tags. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! And definitely hope the snow is gone for you guys soon!! we had flurries here this morning and I had a mini panic attack. Bring on Spring!!


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