Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall Fashion Trends for Girls

My girls are really into clothes right now and I'm sure this is just the beginning.  In the past I would buy all of their clothes with very little input from them, but now that they have more of an option about what they want to wear I try to find things that are both age appropriate and on trend.  They think going shopping with me is fun and picking out styles they want to wear insures that they will actually wear the clothes I buy them.  I put it off for a long time, but they think Justice is just the coolest.  There are a lot of things I still won't agree to, but some of their stuff is cute and practical and they have some cute fall fashion trends for great prices.

Check out our guest post over on Avenue's blog to read all about five of the top fall fashion trends available at Justice.  Click HERE to read!

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