Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites/Random Ramblings

Yay for Friday! It's been a few weeks since we popped in to do one of these with our favorite bloggers, but as always so fun to think of what's been our favorite lately. 

This was more of last week, but we have been reaping the benefits this week. Little Cute got her cast off and we could not be more excited!! We celebrated "cast off" day with a mini little manicure. She is such a girlie girl sometimes and I love it!

It's been so nice to say goodbye to that cast, and here's hoping we don't have a repeat performance any time soon! 

Love, love, loved Carrie Beth's post earlier this week on all things leopard. We both didn't realize how much we wore it, especially during the winter until we were talking about it one day. I don't know what it is, but sometimes even as a die hard southern girl I just have to channel my inner Jersey and break out my favorite animal prints. One of my favorite new things are these fun leopard flats.

I purchased them on a whim (normally this brand is not my style), but they are surprisingly comfortable and perfect for a lot of these rainy days we have been having. I found them true to size and they can be purchased here or even here (a few sizes were on sale). 

I love putting L.C. in it too! She and CB can match in their fun leggings
Just so much fun to break up all that drab black and winter white with a fun print. 

And I was excited to find this fun leopard printed baby carrier! How cute is that?!? Now just to figure out which color Miss 3.0 will like! 

And she might need this cute leopard bow to coordinate. ;) 

This week has been all about the baby prep. We've done a ton of work on the nursery and it feels good to finally feel a little prepared. We still have a few major things to knock off our list, and this week I tried to nail down paint colors. Who knew there were so many shades of gray?!?

I am not sure how I am going to choose, but I need to soon! A lot of you gave great suggestions on Instagram, so I might pull a few more swatches and then my goal is to have this crossed off my list by this afternoon! 

 I also took some time this week to prepare myself. I texted CB this pic after I left the salon.

I went five inches shorter and a few shades lighter. feels so good! Mommy can at least have good hair when the baby paparazzi show up at the hospital, right?

L.C. received this cute Disney Princess pop-up book for Christmas, and it is adorable! I love seeing how much fun she has going through each of the pages, and how excited she gets to see her favorites.

Baymax and Mickey still have her ultimate heart, but Ariel comes in a close third.

It has a ton of little things for her to do on each page and some of the pop ups are huge! It has quickly become one of her favorite things. 

You couldn't turn on the news, open a social media account, or walk out your front door without hearing the word "Powerball" this week. We usually do not play, but bought into the hype and had a blast with friends dreaming about what you could possibly do with almost a billion dollars.

It was so fun hearing everyone's ideas, and what they would splurge on or what they would donate too. Did you play? What would you have done first?

For the record, Cute and I determined we would buy an island. With a water slide. :)

What were some of your favorites this week? 

Happy weekend!
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  1. Those Crocs are super cute. I've never seen Crocs that are my style either! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Yes, normally not a Crocs fan, but these ended up being super cute and are really comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised!


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