Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites: Spring Has Sprung

Happy Friday everyone! This week was a lot less eventful than last week, and that is more than okay in my book. We finally returned to some normalcy in our house, and when we weren't doing our every day routine, we were simply out enjoying this amazing spring weather!

Here is a quick (and random) look at just a few of my favorites from this week...

This chunky cheeked little thing makes the top of my list this week! 

She turned six weeks old, and I can't believe how quickly time is flying by! I just want to freeze time and soak up all of these little moments that I can. What was my absolute favorite is this week she opened her eyes a little bit more and gave us big smiles and lots of baby coos. I forgot how much I absolutely adore that sound.

While on the subject of all things six weeks ago, let me just say this favorite is probably the most random, but you have no idea how excited I was to find an extra tube of this...

They gave this chapstick to me at the hospital when Baby Cute was born, and oh my it is the best thing ever! Not even kidding. I've bounced around between an EOS flavor that I liked, and a Burt's Bees one, but neither one of them even come close to this - my hospital chapstick. I have been doing some investigating, and hopefully have found a place to order it online. Stay tuned...

The weather here has been unseasonably warm for this time of year, and you aren't going to find one complaint from this girl. I switched over everyone's closets officially in hopes that all this fabulous weather is here to stay. Buh-bye winter! I realized how much my kids have grown since last summer and had to do some quick shopping to tide us over until I can just do one big trip to knock it all out.

On my quick shopping excursion, I saw these little swimsuits and swooned! How cute are these?!? I have been having a flamingo obsession lately and that little Flamingo bubble suit for Baby Cute is seriously so precious. It's her first official swimsuit, and I can't wait to put her chunky little self in it.  L.C. couldn't be left out of the summer dreaming fun, and this starfish swim suit wasn't about to be left behind. 

Seeing these tiny little swimsuits makes me SO excited for the fun summer ahead!

Warmer weather and thoughts of summer have me craving ice cream. Well, when am I not craving ice cream...

All of my children have had an allergy to the casein protein from birth, so my usual favorite has to be tabled until some time next year when I stop nursing. Until then, I have this yummy find to tide me over. I love all things coconut and this might even be better tasting than the real thing to me. So so yummy!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day yesterday was definitely one of my favorites. I love any excuse to dress the kids in theme wear or matching. I figure I only have a few good years left before Cute realizes its not as cool as mommy thinks it is. :) 

L.C wore a shirt we had from Cute a few years ago when they matched for her first St. Patrick's Day, and then I added these fun "Happy Go Lucky" tees in for this year for the other two.

Cute had a fun party at school and I loved hearing the recap of how the sneaky leprechaun did tricks all day long. Holidays are just so much more fun through little ones eyes.

Well that is it for this week's favorites. Now off to have a belated birthday lunch with Carrie Beth, and kick the fun weekend we have ahead off!

Happy weekend everyone and don't forget to let us know some of your favorites!

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