Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Orlando Trip {Day 2}

If you missed the first part of our surprise trip to Orlando, you can read all about it HERE.  

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning because we wanted to make the most of our day.  We got dressed, had a quick breakfast, and then made our way to the Magic Kingdom.  We arrived just before the park opened, which was a first for us! It was SO worth getting up early because in that first hour we rode so many rides and many of them we rode twice!  After riding once the kids would be so excited and want to go again.  With practically no line, we were able to hop right back in line for a second ride.  

Little Boo-Boo loved the Buzz Lightyear ride and he had so much fun trying to shoot the aliens.  

We of course did the classic rides like the teacups and Dumbo, but the kids wanted more speed.

They are all little daredevils and thrill seekers so we spent the next few rides trying to go as fast as possible.  They love the roller coasters, so that is what we rode!

We ended our day at Disney riding the "race cars" as my kids like to call them.  Little Mama was old enough to ride by herself and that made me just a little nervous to see her driving off alone, but she did great.  Blondie and I rode together and she was laughing the whole time!  

And little Boo-Boo was LOVING getting to steer and drive his car with the Mr.'s help.  He could hardly see over the steering wheel though! 

We had to leave just after lunchtime to get back and have a little down time before the Braves game that evening.  They kids were having so much fun, but Boo-Boo kept asking my why I didn't bring a stroller because his legs were so tired from all of the walking.  Last year I did bring a stroller and none of them wanted to sit in it so I decided to leave it at home this trip.  Go figure.  You can tell he was tired and over the idea of pictures at this point.

The girls shirts say "If the shoe fits..." and they got so many compliments on them. I got the Cinderella shirts last year at Kohl's, but did y'all know Kohl's has a whole Disney line?  They have some really cute stuff for kids and adults.  Definitely check out what they have to offer if you are planning a Disney trip anytime soon!  Look at all of this cute theme wear!

After a short, but much needed rest back at our hotel we got changed and ready for the Braves game that night.  The kids were excited to get to meet some of the players and get their autographs up close and personal.

Then we enjoyed ballpark food and snacks (including Mickey shaped ice cream bars) and watched the game from our seats.  The kids were all having a blast and were really into the game.  They didn't want to leave, but we took a shuttle bus back about half way through because we were all beat.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for pictures and details from our last day in Orlando! 

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