Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Best Spring & Summer Shoes for Tween Girls

As much as I hate to admit it, I have two girls approaching the "Tween" phase of life.  One is full on tween and the other acts like she is 7 going on 17, so I might as well lump her into that category, too.

We agree on most clothing and for the most part they still like have my input and suggestions on what they should wear.  That isn't always the case, but I am thankful that we have come to some great compromises.  One thing that is hard as they are getting a little older, especially Little Mama, is shoes! Her foot is growing so fast and it's gotten so big that she is almost out of kid sized shoes. Makes this mama sad, but it's hard to find appropriate looking shoes.

A while back we had a neighbor pass along some hand-me-down shoes and she was SO excited about some wedge sandals that were in the bag.  Well little miss Blondie said she wanted some, too.  I have never let them wear them before, but I decided they would be fine for church and special occasions so we have entered that phase.  They LOVE their wedges and call them "high heels" which I think is just the cutest thing ever.

It got me thinking about some of the other shoes they like to wear or have on their wish lists for next fall. For today though, I thought I'd share some of our favorite spring and summer shoes for tweens.

I started buying Keens for my kids years ago and I always get them for the girls each year.  They are waterproof and hold up so great.  When it starts to get warm they hate wearing socks and tennis shoes so Keens are the perfect alternative. And, for our school that is picky about shoes, these are cuter with dresses than sneakers.

They are great for when the kids need to have good, steady shoes on for playing outside, riding their bikes, and wearing to school for PE days, etc. There are so many fun colors and patterns!

Another brand we love are TOMS!  They are fun to just slip on and go. I find the sizing to sort of be all over the place and not always true to size, but once you find a pair that fit, they are so comfy!  They are super cute with shorts, jeans or capris and even dresses for school.  Last week Jen sent me a text to tell me about the new partnership TOMS is doing with Oceana to help give back to save marine life like sea turtles.  Sea turtles are Little Mama's VERY favorite animals.  She is obsessed with them, did her school research project about sea turtles, collects sea turtle things, etc.  I hopped online and ordered them right away.

I have put them away in a closet until her birthday in a few months, but I can't wait to see her reaction when she opens them!  Here is the whole collection...they have something for everyone and they are so fun for summer.

Wedge Sandals 
As I mentioned above, this is the first year I'm letting my girls wear wedges sandals, but they are definitely their favorite pair of shoes.  They feel so grown up and big wearing them.  If you are like me an just entering the world of wedges with your girls, I think the key is to find some that are low wedges (so they don't fall and twist an ankle) and to just set parameters ahead of time. I told my girls they were not to wear to school and they couldn't wear them when playing outside, etc.  They are for special occasions like going out to dinner, going to a birthday party, church, etc.  I got neutral colors (gold or silver) so that they can match all of their spring and summer clothes.  Here are a few other options I thought were really cute!

Ballet Flats
Another shoe my girls love wearing and one that I totally can agree upon are sweet ballet flats.  They love the sparkle and details that can come with it, but it's still a practical shoe, in my opinions.  They instantly feel dressed up a bit when they put them on and they look super cute, too!

What would summer be without flip fops!  We love flip flops around here and although they can't wear them to school, they are perfect for when we are rushing out the door quick, for the pool and of course the beach!  We love Yellow Box and also Corky's, but I always find cute ones at Old Navy, Target and Wal-Mart, too.

Silver Sandals
Last, but not least, sandals are a must have for spring and summer.  My girls wear them on the weekends for now because they can't wear them to school, but come summer they will be a regular part of their wardrobe. I usually get them each a pair of silver sandals because I feel like they can match anything and it's perfect for when we are traveling because packing one pair is so much easier than worrying about shoes to match all of their outfits!

Plus, with silver or another metallic, the sandals will usually have some sort of jewels or beads or something to dress them up a bit and add just enough sparkle to make my girls love them.

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