Thursday, September 1, 2016

Book Club: September

September! We can't believe it is already September y'all! 

September is such a fun month though - apple picking, college football, cooler weather...
We can totally get on board with September making it's appearance. 

Today though is all about August. For August Book Club we decided to keep with our summer theme of a "free read". Even though back-to-school decided to throw a wrench in our available reading time, we still managed to squeeze some time in. 



I loved Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and while I still haven't seen the movie, I couldn't wait to read the sequel, After You. I will say it was a little slower for me and took me a little longer to get into this book than the first.  However, once the story got going I liked learning about how the main character, Louisa, was getting along after the loss of her loved one and how out of the blue she was face to face with someone that had a connection with him and, in turn, kept her connection to him going.  

This month I only read one book. 


That is definitely a slow month for me. But... it was a good one. :) 

I chose this book purely because of two reason's: 
(1) The cover was cute.
(2) I loved The Devil Wears Prada - both the book and the movie

The Singles Game was a fun book, but also one that makes you think a little bit - just a little. Definitely light enough for a good beach read or one you would want to take on a plane with you. It's about Charlie, a tennis pro who wants nothing more than to be #1. She has everything going for her and then all the sudden a life circumstance throws her off her game and shakes everything up. Throw in a romance, some good humor, and a smidge of life lessons and you have The Singles Game.

I found myself continuously rooting for Charlie, and I fell in love with some of the secondary characters as well. I flew through it and enjoyed the humor that was sprinkled throughout. I also liked being able to get kind of a sneak peek at how the tennis tour might work - not sure how accurate the portrayal is, but some of the details make you think it is definitely not the most glamorous of lifestyles. 

I would definitely recommend this one to be in your pile this year if you enjoy lighter fun reading material. 

Okay, since it's still technically summer we are going to do a free read one more time, and then we will see if it's back to our regularly scheduled program or if we decide to keep this format for Book Club. Thoughts? 

Plus we both have Fall Break coming up this month. So while some of you are finally getting back to school, we will officially be on our first break of the year. Craziness! 

Here's what we plan on pairing with our late nights and wine this month...


I picked up Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty a few weeks ago, so this is a kind of an August/September read. I just haven't finished it quite yet, but I just love Moriarty's novels

I've been reading it whenever I get a free moment, and I just can't seem to put it down. I am about three fourths of the way through so a full review will to wait until next month. 

What are you currently reading? Anything amazing we should add to our list? 

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Happy Reading!
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